CLEARion™ Elite - The See Through Electric Fireplace with Amazing Features

Enjoying a fireplace in two separate spaces is the thing home-owner dreams are made of. The CLEARion™ Elite is the first-ever truly see through electric fireplace in the industry. There is no venting required.




The CLEARion™ Elite comes in two sizes and is perfect for any room of the house. At 50 or 60-inches wide, the CLEARion™ Elite can easily warm up to 10,000 square feet and provide instant ambiance to two rooms at the same time. Separately heat two rooms at different rates creating a comforting environment in two spaces. This includes separate remotes and controls on each side of the unit.

Imagine installing a See-Through Electric Fireplace into your bedroom and creating a secondary luxury space in the walk-in closet or ensuite. What about between the kitchen and dining room? There are definitely situations where you would want some privacy between those two rooms. The included privacy mode instantly provides that. Whether you want full transparent, semi-opaque, or full-opaque when privacy is required, a touch of the button is all you need to ensure you can enjoy the quiet moments you need.




The firebox can be customized with the included sparkling crystal media ember bed, hand-painted logs, and topaz glass. That isn’t the only way to make this electric fireplace truly your own. The flame speed can be fine-tuned between five speeds to create the perfect fire viewing experience. Adjust flame color between traditional orange, cool and calming blue, or a warm and inviting multicolor. Illuminate the ember bed from below to create the atmosphere that best suits the space. Fifteen available colors can increase energy and imagination, design an aura of tranquility, or cycle through the colors in a rainbow riot of celebration.




The CLEARion Elite is a built-in electric fireplace. This means that it does have to be hardwired and installed within framing and drywall. However, there is no need to hire a gas fitter and that makes this unique electric fireplace a far less expensive installation option when purchasing a fireplace for the home. It also makes the CLEARion Elite a far more versatile option for installation because electric fireplaces can be installed virtually anywhere in a home.

Light up your life without spending all of the money. The low energy, high intensity LED lights illuminate without a huge hit to the wallet. Where are you going to place a CLEARion™ Elite fireplace in your home?

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