What is a Vent Free Fireplace?

Having a nice and warm house is comforting, especially when it’s equipped with a gorgeous fireplace. There always has been a battle between which type of fireplace is better than the other, but the simple answer is, they are all good at what they do; heating. People talk about Vent Free Fireplaces and Stoves like they are a bad thing. But they really aren’t as bad as many believe. These fireplaces and stoves are virtually 100% efficient and no heat is lost through the venting system. In this blog post, you will learn why Vent Free Fireplaces and Stoves are not as bad as people think it is.


Benefits of using a Vent Free Fireplace

As you know by now, a Vent Free Gas Fireplace is a system that doesn’t need venting to operate. For this reason, they are made to burn clean and allow the combustion by-product to flow into the room the fireplace is in. There are strict guidelines in place to make sure there is adequate space and oxygen in the room for the combustion process. Whether it is gas or wood, any kind of combustion requires oxygen to create the vivid orange/yellow color of a beautiful fire. Therefore, no fires are truly “vent-free”, because if it was; it would extinguish itself. This is the reason why it’s important to check the size of a room to see if there is enough oxygen for the fire and for your lungs. A highly effective sensor comes with the fireplace. This device will turn off the gas to a Vent Free Fireplace if the level of oxygen in the room starts to deplete. This is one of the many safety precautions taken to ensure the security of these fireplaces.



Why Should you Choose a Vent Free Fireplace?

The big advantage in owning a Vent Free Fireplace is the fact that it doesn’t require any venting system. This means you can place one anywhere you want, as you won’t need to create holes for pipes or a chimney. Usually, people want a Vent Free Fireplace because they want to add an alternate source of heat in a single room, but some others like to have one installed because of the cozy feeling it brings into your bedroom or your bathroom.