Premium Glass Guard

Crystal clear viewing without the obstruction

Completely safe to touch

Premium Glass Guard

Imagine a fireplace experience that is safe to touch and allows viewing without the obstruction of a safety barrier. While Napoleon’s Fireplaces with safety barriers represent increased safety and a barely noticeable change to your fireplace viewing experience. Imagine one that is crystal clear. A fireplace, its fire that can be seen from any angle in a room. Thanks to the Premium Glass Guard System, you can have perfectly unimpeded vistas of the dancing flames. Better still, is that it is completely safe to touch. The premium glass guard makes the comfort of a fireplace accessible and completely safe for children and pets.

What Is A Premium Glass Guard?

Our Premium Glass Guard System is an additional glass barrier in front of the main glass of the fireplace. There is an airspace between the two pieces of glass that helps to decrease the temperature of the radiant heat from the fireplace. This airspace decreases the temperature of the exterior glass leaving it warm to the touch.


Available exclusively on our Luxuria™ Series of Gas Fireplaces, one of our most versatile fireplace models, available in four sizes, with See-Through options too.

Luxuria™ Series

Available in 38, 50, 62 & 74

The Luxuria™ Series of Linear Gas Fireplaces feature multiple designer options making it the most versatile linear series available.


How Does Premium Glass Guard Work?

The Glass Guard creates two air channels between the firebox and the outer glass that serves to redirect the radiant heat back into the fireplace to be vented out. When used in conjunction with Napoleon’s Innovated Heat Management System called Dynamic Heat Control, redirected out of the room to better manage the heat for comfort in any climate. The Glass Guard can also be pulled out safely, for easy access for cleaning and fireplace maintenance.