Santoku Knife

with Razor-sharp German Steel

UVP 49,95 EUR
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Product Features

Razor-sharp German steel with excellent edge-retention
Full tang blade, dual-riveted for solid performance
Granton edge for effortless and efficient cutting
Product Description

Napoleon's Santoku Knife is a beautiful, multi-purpose knife that is ideal for chopping, slicing, cutting, and mincing. The 7-inch blade features a Granton edge - dimples or scallops that allow for smooth cutting so food doesn't stick - and a double-sided bevel to the blade for more refined slicing. This knife has a broad face with a large spine that curves down to meet the tip making it ideal for prep work and moving food from the cutting board to the pot. A Santoku knife is smaller than a chef's knife making it lighter and easier to handle for those with smaller hands as well. Ideal for everyday use, a Santoku Knife is perfect for your culinary arsenal.