Napoleon Wellness


Napoleon's Wellness Committee
Napoleon’s Wellness Program provides the foundation for the Company and its Associates to create a healthy home and work environment. This is accomplished by mental and physical wellbeing through nutritional guidance, physical fitness, and stress management. With the offering of effective tools and resources, we are confident that we can support an individual’s desires to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Napoleon Cares

  • How the program supports Associates

  • Financial standpoint/ hardships

  • Employee Facing difficult times

  • Whole perspective

  • Connects people (fundraisers)

  • By Associates for Associates


  • Discounts

  • Catering

  • Healthy options in the workplace

Work Life Balance

Napoleon acknowledges that Associates are most productive when they achieve a balance that enables them to meet their responsibilities both inside and outside of work.

In the pursuit of happiness we offer flexible work schedules to accommodate more time with family or enjoy your interests outside of work

Mental Health

Your emotional and mental well-being is an important part of your overall health. We partner with local providers, hospitals, and community resource centers to provide on-site Health & Wellness information sessions.

Life Works

Physical Health

We promote living an active lifestyle.

We offer various discount options for local gyms and fitness stores

Napoleon Cares

Napoleon Cares is an internal program intended to assist and support Associates who have experienced an emergency situation that has caused temporary financial hardships.

"By Associates... for Associates"

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Napoleon is a first class orginization that begins from our associates on the assembly line right through to head office.
- Wolfgang Schroeter, co-founder