ATOM (Auxiliary Timing Operation Module) was created to be compatible with all Electronic Ignition controls for Gas Fireplaces, the ATOM is designed to address the 7 Day Pilot programming in the Electronic Ignition controls (more information about the 7 Day Pilot program). Installing the ATOM onto any 7-day Electronic Ignition System allows the pilot to burn continuously throughout the cold winter months.

While this accessory should not be used in Canada, because of the NRCAN Rule, the majority of the United States does not restrict the use of standing pilots in hearth appliances. The ATOM is the perfect solution for those looking for the ability to switch between intermittent and continuous pilot.

How it works:

ATOM will reset the SIT 7-day pilot timer before the timer is up.


Q: Will any type of AAA battery work?

A: Yes it will, but high-quality alkaline batteries are recommended. Please refer to the leaflet for more information.

Q: What happens if ATOM is installed, but a user wants to use intermittent pilot mode again? Does ATOM need to be uninstalled?

A: No need to uninstall ATOM. In order to change a pilot mode to intermittent pilot, a user uses a wall switch or remote as usual. (If the user wants to save the battery – please contact your local dealer for more information on how to access the module).

Q: Is ATOM compatible with non-SIT fireplace?

A: No, currently ATOM is tested and verified with PF1, PF2 basics, PF2 Advanced. PF0 needs to be tested and verified when released.

Q: Is ATOM compatible with Bluetooth module?

A: No, ATOM is not compatible with the Bluetooth module at this moment. ATOM will be tested once the Bluetooth module software is updated. Please refer to more detailed instructions on the leaflet and contact your local dealer.

Check with your local dealer about availability.