James Brown

Grilling Enthusiast

Arsenal: Phantom Prestige® 500 RSIB | Charcoal Kettle Grill Cart

Hobbies: Grilling and Chilling

Sports Team: Cincinnati Bengals

Quote: "Slow and Steady wins the Race!"

Specializing in all things Meat & BBQ

"It all started in the USN when my buddies and I would have a weekend ahead after hard work we would get together and have grill-outs. The types of cuisine I would eat opened my eyes to a whole new world of food. People from all around the world would get together and bring their style of chicken, meats, or side dishes that I never knew existed and I tended to love every single one of them. Then we would go on deployment(s) and pull in different countries like Turkey and Dubai and the first thing my buddies and I would do is go eat some authentic foods from that area. From here, I knew once I got out of the Navy and settled back into a normal life that I would begin my own journey at home cooking, grilling, and BBQing. I just didn't know it would take me to where I am now. I still have a lot to learn but I do this out of my love for food and people. This is the secret ingredient to what drives me."