Max Dumont - Max The Grill Hunter

Grill Enthusiast - @grillhunters

Arsenal: Phantom Prestige® 500 RSIB

Hobbies: Sharing my passion for BBQ. Aside from grilling, I enjoy hiking, snowboarding, camping, fishing, and of course hanging with my little family.

Sports Team: New England Patriots

Quote: "Anyone can grill, anywhere, anywhen, with anything so get up, get out & grill one more!"

Why Max Loves Napoleon

Cooking over live fire takes a substantial place in Max’s fondest memories. During his childhood, Max spent most of his time at the family cabin. He learned from a very young age that food doesn’t come from a takeout window. Getting food on your table takes patience and hard work. They harvested their veggies, raised their chickens, turkeys, and rabbits, and chopped their own wood. At dinner time, when everyone was exhausted after a long day of hard work, Max was always the one who would be in charge of the grill. From starting a fire to serving the last piece of meat, nothing was more satisfying than seeing his loved ones enjoying themselves over a meal filled with love and care. Today, as a husband and a father of 3, Max carries on the tradition and teaches his kids the same things he once learned from his father. A few years back, Max started to share his passion for the grill on social medias, and it rapidly reached a tremendous amount of people. GrillHunters wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for the waves of love that Max received from the grilling community. The message that Max shares through his work is that anyone can grill, anywhere, anywhen, with anything. All you need is dedication and love.


"The day Napoleon came into our home, a true love story began. By no means do I claim that it took all the place in my heart because my wife would be jealous but between us, everyone in my neighborhood is. The Phantom Prestige 500 is such a piece of art with its luxurious black mate design, efficiency, and amazing high performance. Even though I’m an addict who grills every day, I believe that Napoleon Phantom is made to last for decades, but my love for it will last for a lifetime!"