5 Vegan Superbowl Food Ideas for the Big Game

The biggest football event of the year is just around the corner – the Super Bowl! Even if your team isn’t competing, or you aren’t a fan of the sport, the festivities and excitement on this day are more than enough to attract the attention of every friend and family member and get them in a celebratory mood.

The importance of barbecued food at a Super Bowl party cannot be emphasized enough. It has the power to bring people together, make victories sweeter, and ease any disappointments while watching the game. If you’ve been selected as the designated grill master this year (because let’s face it, you have the best grill), you might have to take into consideration any vegan guests in attendance.

We understand it can be challenging to find exciting game day grill recipes that fit this dietary preference; so, to help you out, we’ve created this list of grill-worthy vegan recipes that you (or your vegan loved ones) can enjoy while watching the Super Bowl! In fact, these vegan recipes are so good that even non-vegans may want a bite!

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1. Potato Salad with Crispy Kale, Fennel, and Tahini Dressing


Start game day off right with an old-fashioned carb load! An exciting day of celebration and intensive sports viewing requires energy, so it’s no surprise the first vegan Super Bowl food recipe on our list is a delicious potato salad everyone is sure to love.

In this recipe, the heaviness of the potatoes is balanced out with crispy kale’s earthy flavors and a hint of anise from the fennel tops. Finally, the creamy, nutty flavor of the tahini dressing ties all the tastes together to create an orchestrated flavor bomb in this exquisite grilled potato salad.

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2. Perfectly-Seasoned Kale Chips


Kale chips are a popular healthy alternative for potato chips. This is because kale is a superfood that is abundant with beneficial nutrients including fiber, antioxidants, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K – it’s also been known to help in lowering cholesterol! So, whether or not you are entertaining for a vegan, your Super Bowl party should include some healthy, crispy kale chips to snack on.

All you need is fresh kale, Club House La Grille Smouldering Smoked Applewood Seasoning, vegan butter, and sea salt. The grilling process balances out the bitterness inherent to raw kale, just take care not to char the leaves. The seasoning we use in this recipe will give these kale chips a fragrant and smoky touch that is absolutely irresistible.

Planning to serve up this delicious recipe for your Super Bowl Party? Then check out our recipe page for the full instructions!


3. Grilled Rosemary Tempeh Flatbread


To many non-vegans, tempeh may be an unexplored culinary ingredient. Tempeh originates from Indonesia and is made of fermented soybeans. Many liken it to tofu, however, tempeh has a much stronger, savory and earthy flavor and it’s texture is comparatively chewier and nuttier. All of these qualities make it the perfect star ingredient in our grilled rosemary tempeh flatbread recipe. To further enhance the tempeh’s natural flavor, we marinated it in a mix of rosemary, Dijon mustard, maple syrup, soy sauce, olive oil, and black pepper.

As the base for this recipe, we prepared a pillowy soft, smoky grilled flatbread. We then top it all off with a coconut-infused yogurt and fresh crunchy cucumber. It’s sophisticated, delicately balanced, and packed with tons of healthy ingredients.

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4. Spicy Watermelon Snack


The grilling process completely transforms fresh watermelon. The heat from your barbecue mutes the sweetness and enhances the watermelon’s natural flavor. In this simple, spicy watermelon recipe, we use a few spritzes of lime to enhance the Club House La Grille Chipotle Mango Seasoning, ultimately elevating this snack's offering. If you’re looking to add some freshness to your snack table, this watermelon treat is sure to impress!

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5. Vegan Stuffed Acorn Squash

RecipeBlog - Vegan Stuffed Squash - serve3

This delicious and versatile recipe is loved by vegans and non-vegans alike. It’s also perfect as an appetizer or an entrée – so, if you’re thinking of serving a full dinner this Super Bowl, our stuffed acorn squash recipe is the perfect vegan addition. Grilling the squash softens it up and adds a delicious smoky base. Then, we like to add a savory and caramelized mix of quinoa, celery, garlic, and mushrooms to the inside of the vegetable. It’s a filling, healthy, sure-fire fan-favorite that’s surprisingly easy to prepare.

Looking to wow your guests with this vegan Super Bowl food? Then check out our recipe page for the full instructions!


What's Your Favorite Vegan Superbowl Recipe?

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