6 Ways to Throw the Ultimate Masters Golf Party

With the Masters Tournament in full swing, it’s time to gather your squad for a viewing party to see who emerges as the ultimate golf champion. But don’t just simply switch on the TV and cheer for your favorite player — turn it into a full-blown Masters golf party.

From on-point decorations to epic games and even a delectable Masters golf party menu, this is your ultimate guide to throwing the best tournament-themed party ever. Who knows, you might even earn the title of “Master of party planning.”


Ultra-HD Viewing

Wouldn’t you love it if everyone attending your Masters golf party got a clear view of all the action? It’s practically one of your duties as the host to ensure not a single swing is missed.

If you’ll be viewing from your smart TV, ensure that its software is updated and that your Wi-Fi connection is stable to enjoy uninterrupted viewing!

If your backyard is where the party’s at, that’s when you know it’s time to set up your UHD projector in the garden — your guests will love the outdoorsy feel.


Masters Golf Party Decorations

Since the tournament is always held at Augusta National Golf Club each year, why not decorate your space to resemble the location’s refreshing ambiance? Whether you’ll be holding your Masters golf party indoors or in your backyard, there are many ways to make your decorations look the part.


Greenery and Pink Azaleas

If your party will be outdoors, leverage the lovely greens in your backyard to embody the scenery of Augusta National Golf Club. You might even want to incorporate some Azaleas into your garden as they are the most famous shrubs on the club’s grounds.

If you’re holding a Masters golf party indoors, then place some Azaleas in vases around the living room and dining area.



Go All Out with Green and Yellow

The options are endless when you’re decorating with a color palette in mind. Go above and beyond with the Masters color theme and decorate your space with some green and yellow pom-poms, streamers, balloons, and whatever else you can think of.

Dress up the dining table with a green and khaki tablecloth that upholds the iconic colors of the tournament. Plus, it will perfectly complement the Masters food ideas we’ll be talking about later on.


Masters Golf Party Attire

When it comes to Masters golf parties, you simply must dress the part for a hole-in-one celebration. Ask your friends to dress up as if you were all at the tournament in person. Check out these attire suggestions to ensure picture-perfect looks all around:



  • Wide-brimmed hats/sun visors

  • Sundresses (green, yellow, khaki, or white)

  • Classy summer blouses and skirt (green, yellow, khaki, or white)

  • Golf shoes or sneakers


  • Collared shirts/button downs (green, yellow, khaki, or white)

  • Preppy cardigans

  • Golf shorts

  • Trousers

  • Golf shoes or sneakers


The Iconic Green Jacket

It isn’t truly a Masters golf party until someone dons the iconic green jacket, now is it? It would only be right for the host to wear this style statement meant for the champions!


Masters Golf Party Menu

Sure, everybody’s excited to see who becomes the ultimate champion — but a delicious Masters golf party menu is one of the crucial defining elements of your gathering that everyone looks forward to.

Don’t worry though, you won’t need master chef skills to put together a great meal. All you really need is the Napoleon Freestyle grill to impress your guests! It’s engineered to give the ultimate performance and take grilling to a higher level. Creating unforgettable meals and memorable moments starts with Napoleon.

If you want a cheesier spin on the tournament’s famous Pimento sandwich, here’s what you should add to your Masters golf party menu:



Masters Golf Party Games

You don’t have to wait for the broadcast to begin before the fun can start — nor does the fun have to end when the tournament comes to a close!

Check out these Masters golf party games that will give you and your friends some great memories to look back on. If you can prepare prizes for the lucky winners, even better (Masters Tournament-inspired goblets, maybe?).


Setup a Mini-Golf Game in the Backyard

Who among your guests is capable of scoring a hole-in-one? There’s only one way to find out: set up a mini-golf game in your backyard!


Play Golf Trivia

Who has the most Masters wins in the history of the tournament? How many Masters has Tiger Woods won since the start of his career?

It’s questions like these that will put your friends’ inner-golf fanatic to the test! Get ready for some serious laughs as everyone racks their brains for answers.


The After-Party by the Fireplace

The friends who stay for the after-party are in for some endearing memories by the fireplace.

There’s a reason the most heartwarming summer events always feature a bonfire. You may have heard of the saying, “Good friends around the bonfire is my idea of a great night.” So if you’re equipped with outdoor heating, gather your squad around the fire to munch on the remaining dishes from your Masters golf party menu. Then, share your after-thoughts on the tournament or talk about anything under the sun. After all, that’s what friends are for.



Add Some Sizzle to your Masters Golf Party

There’s no better way to welcome the springtime than with a viewing party of the Masters Tournament!

Enhance your Masters golf party with delectable dishes barbecued to perfection with a grill that will last you through endless years of gatherings and backyard memories. Explore Napoleon’s full collection of grills and outdoor fireplaces!