7 Southern-Inspired BBQ Recipes for the Kentucky Derby

We bet you can already hear the thumping beat of the Kentucky Derby racing its way towards your TV screen. Like with any other big sporting event, you can count on it to be a day of cheers, excitement, and fantastic food. But before you start prepping your menu for the big day, you might want to hold your horses and check out these southern BBQ recipes that will have you and your guests transported straight to the stands in Louisville.


Bourbon Smoked Chicken Wings


You probably already know that Bourbon BBQ sauce is the king when it comes to the south. And when you coat chicken wings with this sauce, you’ll experience an explosion of smokey flavors unlike any other.

Amplified with hickory wood chips, these wings are definitely one of the southern BBQ recipes that will make any food enthusiast’s heart flutter.


Applewood Smoked Pork Belly Bites

Recipe Blog - HD Recipes - Serve1 Pork Belly Burnt Ends

If you’re looking for southern BBQ recipes that give you the best of both worlds — a happy tummy without having to look away from the TV — then this is the one for you!

You’ll never get enough of its sweet and buttery flavors that prove great things really do come in small packages. Start grilling up this Kentucky Derby recipe.


Rotisserie Smoked Ribs with Dr. Pepper BBQ Sauce

RecipeBlog - Dr. Pepper Ribs - serve

Wait… Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce? Yes, you read that right — and you can thank us for it later.

Just when you thought rotisserie couldn’t get any better, this sweet, tomato-y, and tangy smoked ribs recipe slides its way into the picture. And now you’ll never settle for anything less.

Prepare your barbecue and get the full recipe for Rotisserie Smoked Ribs with Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce.


Whiskey Barrel Smoked Wagyu Beef Ribs

Recipe Blog - Smoked Wagyu Beef Ribs - Serve1

This Whiskey Barrel Smoked Wagyu Beef Ribs recipe highlights the notion that incredible things come to those who wait — about 960 minutes to be exact.

Now, don’t be daunted by the lengthy prep and cook time of this Kentucky Derby recipe. Each minute is a vital puzzle piece in bringing this succulent dish to life. And once it’s finished, every bite you take will prove to be worth the effort as it transports your tastebuds to paradise.


Grill Baked Corn Muffins


Grill Baked Corn Muffins are the perfect accompaniment to your Kentucky Derby BBQ feast. With a quick 10-minute prep time and a 25-minute cook time, these muffins show that whipping up side dishes has never been easier — or tastier.

Plus, they’ll perfectly complement the savoury flavors of your southern BBQ recipes. We recommend topping them with honey or serving them alongside some frozen yogurt!


Corn Fritters


What would a southern-inspired BBQ be without corn fritters? Your Kentucky Derby recipes just won’t be complete without a touch of crunch!

Where biscuits and pancakes meet, you’ll find corn fritters fried to perfection into a sweet and salty combo. When you dip their perfect texture in garlic sauce, that’s when you know your southern BBQ recipes have found their perfect match.


Plank Smoked Mashed Potatoes

grilled potatos

So far, our Kentucky Derby recipes have been pretty meat-heavy, so balancing your plate with meat’s best friend — potatoes — is a no-brainer.

Plank Smoked Mashed Potatoes will reinvent the way you enjoy vegetables. When they’re placed on planks and smoked on the grill, unparalleled flavors are brought to life. You’ve got to try it for yourself to know why we just can’t get enough of them!


Gallop to Grilling Victory With These Kentucky Derby Recipes

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