BBQ Wine Pairings to Heat up your Valentine's Day at Home

The best type of Valentine’s Day celebrations aren’t about the gifts or an expensive night out. They’re the ones that happen in your own backyard. Picture this – your backyard is lit up with LED fairy lights, a cozy table for two decorated with candles, the fresh outdoor air, and a soft sunset slowly transitioning into a starlit night. It’s almost perfect. It’s just missing three things: a beautifully grilled dinner, well-paired wine to match, and of course, the center of it all, your special someone to share the experience with.

If you’re looking for a shared experience to impress your special someone, then plan a delicious barbecue dinner. Handpick the wine to pair with your grilled meal - date-night-in and have the perfect Valentine's Day celebration. Get your grill ready – because, in this article, we explore a variety of exquisite BBQ dishes and how to select the best BBQ wine pairings.


The Fundamentals of BBQ Wine Pairings

In this article, we’re going to focus on white and red wine pairings exclusively. White wine is generally loved for its zesty, acidic, and fruity undertones, while red wine is favored for its rich, bold, and velvety taste. In order to bring out the best in each wine, as well as the dishes they are served with, it is important to first understand the fundamentals of wine pairing.

The main objective of a good BBQ wine pairing is to enhance the flavors in the barbecued food, instead of overpowering them. For example, lighter taste profiles in food – like grilled seafood – would easily be overpowered by red wine. This is why pairing seafood with white wine is the best choice because the citrus in the wine complements the citrus in the fish. Meanwhile, red wine is best paired with richer taste profiles in foods like beef, lamb, and aged cheese.


Beef Wellington on the BBQ

RecipeBlog - Beef Wellington on the BBQ - serve1

Beef Wellington is a well-loved dish in numerous fine dining restaurants and is a particular favorite of Chef Gordon Ramsay. A typical beef Wellington is made of beef tenderloin wrapped in duxelles (a mix of mushrooms and other aromatics) and puff pastry which is then baked. A lesser-known way of preparing this dish (although just as delicious) is using your trusty grill.

The benefit of cooking beef Wellington on the grill is that you are able to endow it with a rich smoky flavor. In our recipe, the smoky flavor compliments the savoriness of the beef tenderloin and duxelles. This dish is then rounded out and enhanced by the delicately sweet and salty tastes of prosciutto.

Best wine for BBQ beef Wellington: Rich red wine varieties such as Pinot Noir or Bordeaux have an acidity that cuts through the carbohydrates from the pastry and pairs well with the richness of the beef.

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The Best BBQ Beef Stroganoff

RecipeBlog - Beef Stroganoff - serve1

Beef Stroganoff is a comfort-food staple. This recipe originated in Russia but has since spread around the world.

Our BBQ beef Stroganoff recipe features paprika, garlic, and Worcestershire sauce; the umami of beef and mushrooms, and a dollop of sour cream to top it all off. This is the kind of dish that’s fancy – yet also warm and homey. It’s the perfect BBQ dish for a cozy romantic dinner!

Best wine for BBQ beef Stroganoff: To balance out the rich flavors of the dish, pair it with a fruity red wine variety like Grenache or Syrah.

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Chicken Alla Vodka with Spaghetti

Chicken Alla Vodka with Spaghetti - Top with more fresh grated parm and chili flakes

Spaghetti is a super simple, go-to classic recipe option for a romantic BBQ dinner. In our Chicken Alla Vodka dish with spaghetti, we revisit this well-loved staple and add a char-grilled chicken breast twist.

If you have yet to try this recipe, imagine al dente noodles tossed in a creamy, tomato sauce elevated to new heights with a hint of vodka. The vodka, in this case, adds more overall dimension to the dish. Pair this saucy spaghetti with an herbed, char-grilled chicken breast and you have yourself a memorable dish for your Valentine’s Day!

Best wine for BBQ Chicken Alla Vodka: Pair this dish with white wine with oak undertones. A Chardonnay or Viognier best complement char-grilled or smoky chicken.

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Grilled Chilean Sea Bass with Grilled Bread and Cider Cream Sauce

Serve 2 - Grilled Chilean Sea Bass With Grilled Bread And Cider Cream Sauce

If you’re leaning more towards something lighter for the main course of your Valentine’s Day dinner, this is the recipe for you. Chilean sea bass is rare and typically on the pricier side – but the taste and texture of this fish is worth it. It is incredibly tender; and when grilled, the smokiness from your BBQ highlights the natural sweetness of the fish.

In this recipe, we highlight the sea bass’s natural flavors by season with a spicy cajun seasoning, which is then grilled to perfection and topped with our special cider cream sauce. Pair this dish with toasted garlic bread and you have a beautiful meal that’s perfect for your evening in.

Best wine for BBQ Chilean sea bass: Pairing this fish with crisp, sweet white wine varieties like Sauvignon Blanc or Riesling accentuate the flaky mouth-feel of the sea bass.

Serve your special someone the best BBQ fish recipe that they’ve ever tasted! Check out our recipe page for the full instructions.


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