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Beer Can Chicken | Not Just for Beer or Chicken

My younger self would be astounded by the results as a whole roast chicken was placed on the table for dinner. It seemed a magical thing, some unachievable goal. Today, I use my Napoleon barbecue to recreate the must succulent meals of whole roasted poultry, recreating those bygone days easily, and much to the delight of everyone who eats with me. What’s my secret? A Napoleon Beer Can Chicken Roaster.

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What Accessories do you Need?

Other than tongs and a pair of heat-resistant gloves, maybe a cutting board, you can make beer can chicken with just a can of beer and your barbecue. There are some challenges inherent in doing this. Getting the bird stable, getting the beer can into the bird, and removing it safely after the cook is done. To prevent this, use Napoleon Beer Can Chicken Roaster accessories. There are bonuses to doing this as well, which we will discuss later.



Premium Chicken Infusion Roaster

All of these accessories make placing and removing the chicken from the barbecue easier, providing a stable base to make chicken perfection. Some have additional surface area that is ideal for roasting potatoes and aromatic vegetables or adding stuffing.


How to Make Beer Can Chicken

So, the question is, how do you make beer can chicken? If you are opting out of an accessory, it’s as simple as cracking your favorite beer, taking a few sips, and sliding it up a well-seasoned chicken’s bottom so that the chicken is sitting upright on the can with the legs providing stability.

When using an accessory, the same principles apply. However, instead of using the beer can for stability, you use the accessory. Pour your favorite beer into the cup or the base of the roaster and place the chicken over top. Place the whole accessory onto the barbecue.



Not Just for Beer, or Chicken

You don’t have to use just beer to make beer can chicken. Try different liquids like colas, wine, ciders, juice, and even stock. I also make it a habit to include some aromatics, like a crushed clove of garlic and fresh herbs to the chosen liquid. Furthermore, you don’t have to just use these recipes for chicken. Why not a small turkey or duck?



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Roasting a whole chicken has never been easier with a beer can chicken roaster. What flavor combinations will you try? Share your best Beer Can Chicken recipes, success stories, and photos with us on our social pages like Instagram and Facebook. Don’t forget to use the hashtags #NapoleonEats and #FreestyleGrilling!

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