How to Host your Own Masters Champion Dinner

Take your seat, ladies and gentlemen, because we’re about to indulge in a delectable Masters Champion Dinner menu.
Held on the Tuesday before every Masters Tournament, this Masters Champion Dinner dinner features a menu that is personally selected by the defending champion. This year, first-time champion Scottie Scheffler goes back to his Texas roots with southern BBQ cuisines.

Why Not Host Your Own Bougie Dinner to Celebrate

Inspired by the menu of this year’s event, here is Napoleon’s take on the Champion Dinner—complete with appetizers, a soup course, main course, and dessert that will have you and your guests feeling like champions.

Masters Champion Dinner Menu


Recipe Blog - Pimento Cheese Burger - serve2

Pimento Cheeseburgers

The Masters Champion Dinner menu is known for frequently featuring pimento cheese sandwiches. Put a unique twist on a Masters classic by turning these pimento cheeseburgers into sliders for a mouthwatering appetizer.

This recipe is made of a delightful mix of cheese (cheddar, Havarti, and cream cheese) that’s made even creamier with mayonnaise. It’s also got sweet and lightly spicy roasted pimiento pepper that’s sandwiched between your favorite bread toasted to buttery perfection.

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Cajun Shrimp

The official Masters Champion Dinner menu this year actually features firecracker shrimp, but cajun shrimp works as a fantastic shareable appetizer as well! With this dish—which also includes baby potatoes, corn, and Andouille sausage—you’re in for explosive flavors that will get you hyped up for the tournament.

It will only take you 35 minutes to prep, grill, and serve this recipe. After you taste how amazing this shrimp dish is, you’ll realize that great things come in foil packages.

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Soup Course


Potato and Leek Soup

This is not your ordinary potato and leek soup. With bacon, russet potatoes, smoked cream, and three kinds of cheese being the star of the show, adding this to your Masters Champion Dinner menu will make you feel like you’ve just scored a hole-in-one.

It’s rich, smoky, creamy, super thick, and in the running toward becoming the best soup you’ve ever tasted. Since you’re serving this at the beginning of a four-course dinner, we recommend keeping the serving sizes small—this way your guests will have more room for the main attraction!

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Main Course

Recipe Blog - Smoked Ribeyes - Serve 1

Reverse Seared and Smoked Ribeye with Potato Wedges

Steak and potatoes are simply a match made in BBQ heaven. This recipe features perfectly seasoned rib-eye steaks and BBQed potato wedges that are crispy on the outside and fluffy inside.

Adding the reverse seared and smoked ribeye with potato wedges to your Masters Champion Dinner menu will 100% knock your socks off. It’s succulent. It’s divine. And it only takes 30 minutes of prep time—and then 60 minutes of cooking, of course.

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Recipe Blog - Sea Bream - Serve3

Grilled Sea Bream with Asparagus and Wild Garlic Aioli

Whether you’re a pescatarian or simply someone who loves the unparalleled flavors of seafood, this grilled Sea Bream with asparagus and wild garlic aioli is a dish that will make you feel like you’re on a holiday at home.

Did we mention that you only need fifteen minutes of prep time and seven minutes of cook time for this Masters Champion Dinner dish? That’s an ace, friends.

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Dessert Course

Recipe Blog - Skillet Cookie - serve2

Gigantic Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

There’s probably no chocolate cookie on the planet more celebratory than this one! The gigantic skillet cookie has a crispy bottom, an ooey-gooey center with melted chocolate laced throughout, and sweet and salty candied bacon as the cherry on top.

Warning: This dessert is so delicious, one skillet might not be enough to satisfy everyone.

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Make an ice cream sundae

Smoked Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

If you’re wondering what perfectly complements a gigantic chocolate chip skillet cookie, look no further than smoked vanilla bean ice cream. Proving that there’s absolutely nothing you can’t do with your grill, whipping up this Master Champion Dinner dessert also requires the BBQ treatment.

With sweet caramel, salty bacon, and smoky vanilla, this right here is how you end dinnertime with a bang.

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