Top 7 Accessories You Need & 4 Bonus Ones that are Good to Have

First-time barbecue users and grilling gurus alike can agree that the right tool for the job is important. Follow this guide to Napoleon’s Top 7 BBQ Accessories. These are the ones you need. We’ve also included 4 that are not essential but they’re a great addition and can add more fun, and flavor, or make your life even easier when preparing your favorite meals on the barbecue.


Accessories you Need to Have


Time and time again, we’ve said that if you have nothing else when using your grill, a good pair of tongs is essential. The right tongs can gently grip delicate items without squishing or tearing while still providing you with the leverage that you need to flip large and heavy items as well. A good pair of tongs should have a comfortable shape and be long enough to keep your arm out of harm's way of any flames. It would be even better if they had some sort of rubberized grip to prevent overheating. Tongs don’t poke holes in the meat you are grilling to ensure that all those delightful juices stay inside. As long as you have tongs you can cook just about anything.

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A good knife that works for you, stays sharp, and is easy to maintain is essential to anyone who works with food. A good knife is high on the list because a tool that can swiftly go from chopping to dicing and then slicing meat thin will make kitchen prep go faster. That means your food is on the grill and in your mouth sooner.

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Why you Need Sharp Knives

Whether you sharpen your knives or pay to have it done, a sharp knife is the single most important kitchen tool there is. A sharp knife will easily sink into the items you are cutting. Dull knives don’t have traction and the more pressure or force you use to cut the easier for the knife to slip in some way and damage you instead.


Grill Cleaning Brush

A clean grill is a happy grill. Just like you wouldn’t cook on dirty dishes, you wouldn’t do the same on a dirty barbecue. And just like the right tool for the job is necessary, so is the right barbecue cleaning brush. You can effectively clean all types of cooking grids using a brass bristled brush or a natural fiber brush. However, you cannot clean cast iron barbecue grids with a stainless steel BBQ cleaning brush, those are exclusively for stainless steel grids. Learn more about the difference between types of grids and how to properly maintain your cooking grids.

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A barbecue thermometer is a high-value tool for new and experienced grillers alike. It allows you to expertly cook foods to perfection without overcooking or undercooking. There are a few types of thermometers for your barbecue that you can get. The instant-read thermometer is an affordable unit that allows you to quickly check on things while a Bluetooth thermometer constantly watches what you are cooking and provides feedback via an app. Both provide fantastic results, and it’s up to you which one works best for your style of cooking.


Get fancy with a Bluetooth thermometer and app.


Keep things easy with an instant-read style thermometer.



Heat-resistant barbecue gloves are a kitchen must-have. When it comes time to remove your food from the barbecue, if it is large or being cooked in an accessory like a cast iron pan or topper, you will need a safe way of handling that item. Barbecue gloves provide protection past the wrist and are flame resistant as well, unlike traditional (decorative) oven mitts, which provide less protection and can melt.

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Basting Brush

Slathering that sauce, basting that bird, and mopping that brisket is safe and easy with a silicone basting brush. We recommend these over fabric or yarn brushes because they are far more sanitary and even easier to clean! Just toss your silicone brush into the dishwasher. Why is it essential? You can evenly coat anything that you are saucing for perfect caramelization instead of using a spoon. A long-handled basting brush keeps your hands away from the heat and cleaning is a breeze.

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Grill Topper

Sure, you can make a meal easily, directly on your cooking grids, but a grill topper will provide even more ways that you can enjoy your grill. Turn it into a breakfast station with a griddle or cast iron pan. Bake treats, breads or pizza with a stone. Infuse your food with smoky flavor using a BBQ Grilling Plank. And provide a safe surface for separating special foods, with the added bonus of corralling them. However, you look at it, adding some form of topper to your barbecue can provide a multitude of creative cooking options for your next meal.


Bake almost anything with a pizza baking stone


Corral everything from wings to stir fry with a stainless topper


Use a griddle for frying or making breakfast and more


Great Accessories you Should Have

Barbecue accessories one through four above are absolutely necessary for producing delightful grilled treats on a barbecue like the Freestyle. Below are four bonus accessories that will make sure your next grilling experience is the ultimate one.



Why wouldn’t the spatula be higher on the must-have list? Well, sure you can flip a lot of things, but you can’t use a spatula to move things easily and quickly like you can with a good pair of tongs. Spatulas are great for manipulating fish and burgers. A great spatula should be comfortable in both weight and grip, providing enough length to keep your hands safe while still providing leverage.

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Illuminating your barbecue at night for a grill-out session can be challenging. If your unit didn’t come with interior lights, and your porch light isn’t the greatest, you may need a little more brightness to make sure that your burgers don’t burn.



Not just for delicious kebabs, barbecue skewers can be used to hold foods in place like a spatchcock chicken, and contain foods that have a habit of falling through the grids or are otherwise unruly like shrimp and meatballs. Different sizes and shapes mean that you can make everything from fully customizable meals to appetizers. Stainless steel ones are dishwasher safe, while the bamboo ones are disposable. Either way, super easy to clean.




Have anything you could need on hand, including a bottle opener when you wear an apron. A Napoleon apron shows off your pride at being a Napoleon owner while remaining incredibly fashionable. They are easy to clean and ensure that your clothing doesn’t come away from the barbecue or your other household projects, a mess.


How many accessories in our top 7 list do you own already? Have we changed your opinion on others? What are your thoughts on the order of things? Tell us what accessories you have, use, and need in the comments below or show us yours on our social pages like Facebook and Tiktok using the hashtags #NapoleonEats and #NapoleonGrills.

Happy Grilling!