Top BBQ Gifts for the 2020 Holidays

The holiday season is upon us once again! There may be one or more special people in your life who love to grill or have recently taken to grilling. If so, you can count on these top BBQ gifts for 2020 to put a big smile on their face.

Grilling-related gifts are not just practical, they are also thoughtful. Grilling, after all, is often a centerpoint for many memorable life events. So by helping someone grill more safely or be able to try more dishes, you are helping to enhance those memorable life events that are yet to come. In fact, one event may be coming up quite soon - because New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and your friend or loved one might want to have a BBQ party.


Tool Sets

Tools sets are conservative gift choices because some of these are not exclusively used just for grilling. These are high-quality tools that help with food preparation or with serving the food. So essentially, they’re not all grilling-specific tools- they can be standard kitchen tools as well. Let’s have a look through some popular choices.

The Executive 4-Piece Toolset includes a high-quality all-purpose knife, a large spatula with a serrated edge, easy-lock tongs, and a silicone basting brush. More focused toolsets are also available such as the Pro Knife Set which includes various types of knives such as a carving blade, a carving fork, and 5 serrated steak knives. Another popular toolset we have is the Appetizer Serving Set and Corn Holders which gives you 8 beautiful double-ended fork and spoon pieces that are made of high-quality stainless steel and are great for elegantly serving appetizers and corn cobs.



On-Surface Cooking Tools

For this gift idea, you will need to have an idea of the grilling surface that your gift-recipient is working with. As the title suggests, these tools rest on the surface of the grill and would therefore need enough space. The wonderful thing about gifts like this is that it helps to diversify the kinds of recipes that a griller can prepare. Some of our most popular ones that would make excellent gifts this 2020 include the Grilling Wok, the Chicken Leg Grill Rack, the Cast Iron Sizzle Platter, and the Tomato and Peppers Roast Rack.

  • The Grilling Wok is made of stainless steel and is perfect for grilling delicate seafood, vegetables, and smaller bits of food. The perforated design allows for heat to evenly cook the food that you are cooking.

  • The Chicken Leg Grill Rack is a stainless steel, foldable rack that allows you to evenly cook two of the most challenging-to-grill (yet well loved) parts of the chicken: the legs and wings. You can cook up to 12 pieces on this rack, making it a hero for large BBQ parties.

  • The Cast Iron Sizzle Platter is a versatile cooking tool that’s made of high-quality cast iron. You can use this on the grill, on the side burner, over charcoal, and even on the stove or in the oven. It comes with a beautiful wooden server set and an interlocking removable handle so you can easily and safely serve sizzling dishes.

  • Lastly, the Tomato and Peppers Roast Rack helps to elevate veggies like tomatoes and peppers above the grill’s surface so that they can roast perfectly. So now it’s easier to roast tomatoes as sides, prepare stuffed peppers, and much more with this handy BBQ gift.



Grilling Apparel

No need to know the grill size or the type of grill that your friend or loved one uses. All you need is some basic information to choose the best grilling apparel gift. If you know someone who loves to work with hot stuff often, BBQ gloves are the ideal gift. These are handy for the grill as well as pulling things from the oven.

You can choose something traditional yet elegant like genuine leather BBQ gloves. Or maybe something more flexible like a heat resistant glove with aramid fibres (the same used in the aerospace industry) to keep burns at bay. Or if this is someone who loves to flip through recipes on the phone while grilling, the multi-use touchscreen gloves would be just the thing.

If not gloves, then how about an apron? Perhaps you are getting a gift for that friend or family member who is using the same worn-out apron for every BBQ. If so, a new pro grilling apron would be absolutely perfect.



A New Grill

We saved the biggest and most radical gift idea for last - what about a new grill? If this is someone near and dear to your heart and you see that they are already struggling with an old, rusty grill, then a new grill could be the perfect gift that will make their Christmas 2020 the most memorable yet.

You can give them a gas grill that provides all the functionalities they’ll need to make exciting dishes - like the grills in our Prestige PRO™ Series. Any griller would be proud to have such high-functionality (and not to mention super sharp-looking) grills in their backyard.



What Gift was Your Favorite?

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