The Ultimate New Year's Eve BBQ Menu

New Year’s Eve is one of the largest global celebrations where we all come together and lovingly bid farewell to the year that ends. As the clock ticks by closer to midnight, we also welcome the coming year with merriment, hope, and optimism. Such a momentous event is best celebrated with loved ones, gathered around a feast that matches the excitement of the occasion. And of course, nothing brings people together on this day quite like a delicious grilled feast.

Unknown to some, an entire New Year’s Eve feast can be prepared on the grill - which just shows how versatile this cooking method is. Whether you’re making a prime rib roast, grilled veggies, or even smoked ice cream, your grill will be your best friend in preparing a truly memorable New Year’s Eve feast.

If you’re looking for ideas for food for New Year’s eve, you’re in the right place! In this article, we will show you seven gorgeous, mouthwatering recipes that you can try on your Napoleon grill with ease.


Prime Rib Roast

Kick-off the new year with this grilled savoury dish that’s a shoo-in to be a crowd favourite. The prime rib is a naturally tender and flavourful cut of beef. In this recipe, we enhance this flavour further using a rub of fresh thyme, garlic, and pepper. As the meat roasts, these flavours, along with the smokey scent from the grill, seep in - thereby enriching the flavour from within.

This prime rib roast is simple and delicious. Once you serve this at your New Year’s feast, everyone is bound to be excited to try it. Check out the full recipe here!

Recipe Blog - Christmas Prime Rib - Serve2


Grilled Scallops

When prepared just right, scallops are known to have a delicate, buttery, and slightly sweet flavour. In this grilled scallops recipe, we make use of lemon pepper, vegetable broth, red pepper flakes, and balsamic butter to add extra oomph to that flavour. And because the scallops are grilled, you can count on that hint of smokiness to further add more dimensions to the taste. This truly is one of the best New Year’s dishes that you can serve to your guests.

Ready to give this scallops recipe a try? Then check out this page for the full instructions!



BBQ Lobster Tails with Grilled Lemons & Garlic

Add a touch of elegance to your New Year celebration with this easy grilled lobster tail recipe. Lobster tail is one of the most sought-after parts of lobster due to its firm texture and hints of sweetness. In this recipe, we use lemon, butter, garlic, and parsley to accentuate the rich taste of lobster. Grilling adds even more depth to the taste, making it a New Year’s dish that everyone is sure to love.

Ready to try this delicious lobster tail recipe? Then check out the full recipe on this page!



BBQ Veggies

This BBQ veggies recipe is sure to complement just about any grilled meat dish that you serve for your New Year’s feast. In this fragrant and flavourful recipe, we make use of bell peppers, carrots, and zucchini - along with ingredients like balsamic vinegar, pepper, mustard, and Signature Blends Lemon & Herbs. It’s refreshingly delicious and would add a beautiful touch of colour to your table.

Looking to try this BBQ veggies recipe? Then head on over to our recipe page for the full instructions!



BBQ Souvlaki Pizza

Everyone adores pizza. So for your New Year celebration, why not add this unique greek-style pizza to surprise your guests? The best part is you can prepare everything using just your grill. Souvlaki is a Greek dish wherein pieces of marinated meat are grilled on a skewer. In this recipe, we make use of marinated pork tenderloin for the souvlaki. We then use these savoury morsels to top a greek-style pizza - along with greek feta dressing, onions, olives, garlic, and crumbled feta cheese. It’s the first pizza slice of the year, after all - why not make it extra special?

Want to serve up this delightful pizza in your New Year celebration? Then check out this page for the full recipe!



Delicious Grilled Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Icing

We’ve covered a lot of savoury treats so far - so now it’s time for some exciting sweet treats! First up, we have this delicious grilled cinnamon rolls recipe. Just imagine the comforting cinnamon scent, the fragrance of nutmeg, the sweetness of vanilla, and the slightly tangy taste of cream cheese all wrapped in this warm and soft pastry. Isn’t it just the picture of New Year’s bliss? Add this yummy recipe to your menu to celebrate the sweetness of new beginnings!

Ready to try this lovely dessert for your New Year’s Eve party? Then check out this page for the full recipe!

RecipeBlog - Cinnamon Buns - serve


Smoked Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Recipe

‘Smoked’ and ‘ice cream’ are two words that are rarely mentioned in the same breath. So it’s no surprise that most have never known the delights of smoked ice cream. For this recipe, it’s preferable to use a sweet fruit or nut wood when smoking the cream to give it a sweet but smoky aroma. Vanilla, rum, scrapings of vanilla beans, condensed milk, crumbled candied bacon, and swirls of caramel syrup are then added into the mix. The resulting taste is rich, complex, and undeniably delicious - truly a beautiful dessert to celebrate the New Year.

Looking to wow your guests with this delicious dessert? Then head on over to this page for the full instructions!

Make an ice cream sundae


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