Your Guide to Grilling Accessories in 2020

We’ve always got something going on when it comes to innovative ways to use your barbecue and this year is no different. Whether you want to change the way you are using your grill or make it easier to create incredible meals, here are the BBQ accessories you should look out for.


Cooking in New Ways

Grilling Rack

Replace the warming rack of your Prestige/PRO 500 and PRO 825 models with a heavy gauge stainless rack designed for easily cooking appetizers. Special holders for chicken legs and wings, surfaces for perfectly grilled seafood and grilled breads, and holders for jalapeños, peppers, and mushroom caps will increase your grilling area and your creativity.



Rotisserie Shish Kebab Skewer Set

Easy to clean and assemble is just the beginning when it comes to this conversation-starting grilling accessory. Fitting most spit rods, you can create cracking, colossal, and custom kebabs. Use this accessory in creative ways as well, like holding butterflied meats, for delicious and healthy meals.



Rotisserie Rack

Grill fish and other delicate foods perfectly with a durable and easy to use rotisserie rack. Featuring a dual cage, you can barbecue whole fish, ribs, chicken, lamb chops, and veggies using pretty much any spit rod.



Grill Roasting Pan

Imagine making delicious casserole or single pan meals on your BBQ! The drop-in Grill Roasting Pan replaces your cooking grids and does just that. Perfectly fitting into Rogue and Prestige/PRO grills, this pan is ideal for baking, roasting, casseroles, and even lasagna. The handles hide themselves when not in use and are easily accessible for removal and storage. The porcelain enamel surface is incredibly easy to clean. Try this recipe for Classic Shepherd’s Pie in the Grill Roasting Pan.



Chicken Roaster

Simplified, stainless, scrumptious. Three words that completely describe this easy to use stainless steel chicken roaster. Get creative with wine, juice, cola, and beer to create big flavor from within. The container holds up to one cup of your favorite liquid. The compact beer-can style roaster takes up little space in storage and more importantly on the grill. Use the removable handle to safely move your meal. Cleanup is a breeze too! Just stick this BBQ accessory in the dishwasher when done.



Chicken Leg Grill Rack

Get a leg up on your cooking. This grilling rack will help you cook many things at once or the perfect one-pan meal. Easily and evenly cook chicken legs on your barbecue while using the wok-shaped pan to create a delightful paella. Use the topper as a drip pan to collect delicious juices and make a perfect gravy too.



2 Piece Saucepan Set

Not just for the grill, this saucepan set is even ideal for your infrared sear station and range side burner and even induction stovetops. Make perfectly portioned side dishes and sauces easily with these grill safe, oven safe, stovetop safe, and dishwasher safe saucepans.



12-Inch Bamboo Skewers

Homemade kebabs and skewers are fantastic, healthy, and fun. Our 12-inch skewers are the perfect width to prevent food from splitting and the flat face prevents spinning while loading. They’re perfect for presentation and made from a renewable resource too. Try this recipe for Thai Chicken Skewers on this versatile accessory.



Universal Grill Light

Fitting just about any barbecue out there, this grill light will illuminate an area of 18 by 36-inches. This weather-resistant light will help you create culinary masterpieces even after dark. Use it to augment the current lights on your barbecue or to light your parts unknown on grills without lighting. The high-powered LED lights and included batteries mean you are ready for BBQing right away.

70029-Grilling Light-NA-In-use


Breakfast Toolset

Whether you’re a lover of breakfast for dinner or love to grill at any time of day, the Napoleon Breakfast Toolset is ideal for incredible culinary creations. The large spatula and chopper/scraper are perfect for flipping bacon, eggs, and hash browns, or use them to grill a la plancha style. Four egg rings ensure that you have perfect eggs for sandwiches or those who prefer a round meal to a square one.


Barbecue accessories are a fun and easy way to make grilling easier and bring even more creativity into your meals. Use them conventionally or experiment, each grill accessory can bring bountiful barbecues no matter how you use them. What is your favorite thing to make using a Napoleon accessory? Have you tried one of our new lineup of accessories? Tell us about that too. Share your experiences and recipes on our social pages like Facebook and Instagram using the hashtags #BBQaccessories and #NapoleonGrill.

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Happy Grilling!