Your Guide to Grilling Accessories in 2020 - Grill Maintenance

This year we’ve made it so much easier to clean and maintain your Napoleon barbecues. Additions to our grill maintenance tool lineup catch grease, scrub grids, burners, and fireboxes, and make charcoal management more than easier.


Rake it Over the Coals

Charcoal management when using kettle grills and smokers can be hot work, make life easier and safer with the Charcoal Rake and Tongs set. Safely rake and move hot charcoal and ash around to where it’s needed while keeping your hands away from the heat.


Clean up your Act

Cleaning your BBQ is not exactly high on the list of things that you are jumping up and doing. It’s hot and dirty work, but it is integral to the longevity of your Napoleon. Check out some new of our new accessories that will help with that job.



Gas Grill Cleaning Toolset

Finally, a set specifically designed to make cleaning the inside of your barbecue so much easier. A specially angled cooking grid cleaning brush is perfect for brushing debris off of the stainless steel tube burners, the grid scraper is ideal for tough stuck on stuff. Safely scrape any debris from your firebox using the firebox scraper. Use the burner port cleaner to safely clear blocked ports on your burners. You won’t lose it because it is stored in the firebox scraper.



Grill maintenance should be performed at least twice a year and should include removal and cleaning of burners, sear plates, grids, and infrared SIZZLE ZONE sear station. Also, the hookups and tubes feeding your grill should be inspected for wear and leaks. Find out how to do all of this great maintenance stuff here.



Trays and Liners

Cleaning out the drip pan and grease trays isn’t fun. Thankfully there are now disposable ones available for your favorite barbecues. One less thing to worry about when traveling, we’ve introduced a disposable tray for the TravelQ™. And you can make your grill maintenance far easier with a drip pan liner for your Prestige/PRO 500 and 825 gas barbecues too.


Grill Brushes

Really get that dirt off your cooking grids with one of our three new Grill Brushes. A triple row of scrubbing goodness ensures that your cooking grids will be well cleaned. The curved handles provide leverage while the extra-wide scraper powers through the tough stuff. Keep your brush within reach with the convenient hanging loop.


Stainless Steel bristles for stainless steel cooking grids


Brass bristles for stainless cast iron cooking grids


Bristle free rolled stainless bristles for stainless steel cooking grids

General grill maintenance is still not high on the list of things that you really want to do, but with these new accessories for 2020, you should be in good shape to get the job done easier and faster than before. How often do you give your grill a full cleaning? Share your secret techniques and your success stories on our social pages like Facebook and Instagram, using the hashtags #BBQmaintenance and #NapoleonGrill.

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Happy Grilling!