This is Why We're Experts in Grilling - Iconic Wave Cooking Grids

You can’t have a delicious grilled meal without a good set of cooking grids. And the grill grates in our barbecues go above and beyond to create the best meals. Select between classic cast iron and contemporary stainless steel to ensure the best barbecue experience when cooking.


Unique Wave Shape

The first thing you will notice about our cooking grids is that they are like no other. The iconic wave shape isn’t just for looks or the iconic sear marks though. The wavy shape has many purposes. It encourages even heating and provides more surface area. The distinctive curve prevents smaller food from falling through, keeping your grill cleaner. Most importantly, this shape increases the longevity of our grill grates by allowing for heat expansion and contraction. It reduces the effect that the forces heat and cold have on the metal ensuring lasting endurance.


Cast Iron

Our cast iron cooking grids are coated in a porcelain enamel that, when properly maintained, will season up just like a cast-iron frying pan. While they do take a while to preheat, it is well worth the wait. The sear from a cast iron cooking grid is unparalleled. Heat is retained and transferred easily through cast iron. Your grids will stay hotter for longer whether you are using gas or charcoal.


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a highly resilient and durable material, that’s why we build our barbecues using it. Stainless steel cooking grids are virtually maintenance-free, they benefit from being kept clean, but do not require intensive seasoning. Stainless steel heats quickly and cools just as fast. That just means that you won’t be peeking at that lovely roast or steak as often.