Seven Reasons to Celebrate Cinco De Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is a celebration that many people enjoy, but do you know why? The fifth of May is the date that the vastly outnumbered Mexican army defeated the French Empire in the battle of Puebla 1862. While this celebration is most popular in Puebla Mexico, it is also thoroughly enjoyed in much of North America, especially California. In the 1980s many beer companies seized the opportunity to capitalize on such a celebration and increased the popularity of Cinco de Mayo by promoting their beer as a perfect accompaniment to the holiday.

Nowadays Cinco de Mayo is known as a celebration of Mexican heritage and culture. Creating your own theme night is a great way to stave off boredom and bring the family closer through crafts and by doing something completely different. These are seven reasons that you should celebrate Cinco De Mayo this year.

Other significant happenings on the fifth of May are;

  • Carnegie Hall opened on May 5, 1891.

  • The first manned U.S. space flight occurred on May 5, 1961.


1. Culture

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo can be a fantastic learning experience for you and yours. Learn about the rich heritage and history of Mexican culture while enjoying food, family, and fun.


2. Fancy Dress and Decorations

Finally pull out that dress or outfit that you thought was too loud. Colors like yellow, lime, pink, teal, blue, orange, and red, as well as combinations of these colors, are ideal on Cinco de Mayo. Incorporate them into your outfit and décor to create a festive atmosphere. Imagine an explosion of outlandish color in your home and yard. You’ll blend in perfectly with the decor and finally become comfortable with those bright colors you love to look at but can never muster the courage to wear.



3. Music

Exploring and listening to new genres of music should be a must for everyone, especially if you have particular tastes. The most popular music to listen to on Cinco de Mayo is mariachi style, so incorporating that into the festivities’ playlist can add an interesting boost to your event and maybe even open you up to new horizons in musical taste.



4. Dancing

Look up and try some simple dance steps from popular Mexican dances like El Jarabe Tapatio (the Mexican Hat Dance – yeah, THAT song) and Salsa dancing. They’re easy to find on YouTube. Hold a family dance-off and let that music move your body.


5. Piñata

This is the perfect excuse to finally have a piñata. Not just for kids’ parties, piñatas can be filled with more than candy and toys. Okay, who doesn’t want it to rain chocolate? Consider adding plastic mini bottles, bottle openers, movie tickets, scratch tickets, gum, and even tea or coffee. You don’t have to purchase one, using some cardboard and that pile of tissue paper that you save from birthdays and Christmas every year, you can create your piñata at home. It is a fun and easy craft sure to keep hands busy for a while. Piñatas aren’t the only thing you can DIY. There are a plethora of tutorials for homemade maracas, fans, and decorations too.



6. Luminaries

Cinco De Mayo shouldn’t end when the sun goes down. While your Napoleon grill is lighting up your cooking area, use luminaries after dark to create further ambiance by shining like the night’s stars. Luminaries are a traditional Mexican décor item made from tin cylinders with holes punched through and candles inside. They are easy to DIY at home too with soup cans, a sturdy nail, and a hammer.


7. Food and Drink

Possibly the most important part of any theme night is the food and drink. Also, it wouldn't be a barbecue blog if I didn't mention the grill at least, twice right? Steak and Burgers aren’t the only things you can create on a grill. Use Cinco de Mayo as an excuse to learn about other foods you can cook on your amazing barbecue.


BBQ Mexican Roadside Chicken



Cinco De Mayo Chicken Mole



Grilled Chicken Enchiladas



Grilled Tilapia Tacos with Lime Crema



Spicy Chili with Dark Chocolate



Margarita Ice Cream


While the go-to drinks are beer and margaritas, it's always fun to try something a little different and more festive. A Mezcalita is a popular drink of grilled grapefruits muddled with jalapeño slices and cilantro, then mezcal, lime juice, agave syrup, and a pinch of salt are added. You may also like to try the Paloma. A delightful blend of tequila, grapefruit juice, lime juice, and simple syrup, shaken with ice and poured over more ice with some club soda.

Cinco de Mayo is a day full of historical significance. From culture to décor, music, dancing, and especially food and drink, there are at least seven reasons that you should be celebrating Cinco de Mayo. What are yours? How will you be celebrating? Share your DIYs, Cinco de Menu, and photos on our social pages like Facebook and Instagram, using the hashtags #CincoDeMayo and #NapoleonGrills.

Happy Grilling!