This Is Why We’re Experts in Grilling – Space Saving High-Efficiency Lid

The lid of a barbecue is what will make or break its efficiency, durability, and functionality. The easy-to-use, roll-top lid on a Napoleon barbecue is built with all of these things in mind, making our barbecues some of the most efficient on the market.


Just Roll With It

There is no doubt about it, Napoleon barbecues are sturdy. With a heavy-duty lid like ours, they’re going to have to be. Because of the beefy nature of our lids we’ve rethought how they function. Placing the pivot point closer to the middle of the lid provides several benefits.

Space Saving

One of the benefits is saving space. The lid pivots on a central point keeping the opening within the same space as the body of the barbecue. It won’t take up more space upon opening, so your outdoor space is maximized.

Heavy Lifting

The other benefit to this unique pivot point is that it provides leverage to easily lift a lid that is built with quality materials and manufacturing to ensure the heat stays in your barbecue. In other words, our lids are a little heavier than others, but with the LIFT EASE™ Roll Top lid, you will still be able to easily open the lid to check on your delicious meals.


Welcome to the High Top

While it is true that cooking can be a circus, this high top is all about ensuring efficiency and making sure that your barbecue can handle anything you throw in it. We’ve created barbecues with a higher lid height to provide you with space to grill up beercan chickens and with plenty of space on the warming rack for the foods you are keeping warm while you continue to cook. The double layer of insulation in the lid itself works just like your favorite insulated mug keeping the heat in and helping it to circulate for great heat control.