This is why We're Experts in Infrared Grilling - The Infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ Sear Station

Heat and flame come together in a glorious grilled dance to provide professional portions of delicious food. Our Napoleon barbecues are special. With unique features and creative ways to use them, there is nothing you cannot grill into an amazing meal. But why do we call ourselves experts in infrared grilling? Why the Infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ of course. Napoleon was one of the first grill manufacturers to offer infrared grilling technology to the consumer at an affordable price, and this specialized burner can be found on many models in our sear station side burners or within the main grill itself.


What is an Infrared Burner?

Infrared burners are ceramic bricks found in a barbecue. This brick is actually a different type of burner then you would normally see. It is more efficient and gets far hotter than a conventional burner, which makes it perfect for high heat searing and getting the perfect crust on that beautiful piece of meat. And with over thirty-five models with infrared technology available, there is a grill to suit everyone’s needs.


How Does an Infrared Burner Work?

Upon closer inspection of the ceramic brick of the infrared burner, you will notice tiny ports. Gas is forced through those tiny holes and pools on the brick and is ignited by a spark. Due to the material, the ceramic superheats to temperatures of 1,800°F within moments.

Scientifically, the delightful orange glow that you are witnessing from the infrared burner is short-wave infrared energy. It is a source of light energy that is particularly good at transferring heat. This heat is used to warm the cooking grids directly above as well as the food you are cooking to produce superior sear marks and restaurant-quality meals.


Why is our Sear Station the Best?

Before Napoleon, infrared grilling was something reserved for only restaurants and the wealthy. We made this technology available to the masses. Using an infrared burner when cooking on your barbecue is much more efficient at searing than using conventional tube burners. They are ideal for quick foods and side dishes as opposed to cooking at lower temperatures for longer periods. This means that they also consume less fuel. One, two-tile, infrared burner can produce up to 9000 BTUs, and foods cooked using infrared will retain up to 35% more of their natural juices.

High heat searing is how you build that flavor when barbecuing, which makes an infrared burner ideal. Reaching high temperatures of up to 1,800°F, an infrared burner can radiate enough heat to almost instantly caramelize and brown meats. This means intense sear marks and flavor.