The Best Secret Santa Gifts for a BBQ Lover

We all have that one friend or family member who’s a complete grill master. They’ve treated us to superior BBQ during epic backyard parties — and we couldn’t be more grateful.

When the holidays come around, what better way to thank them than by spoiling them with the best secret Santa gifts that will fuel their barbecue game to the next level? Find the ultimate gifts for the BBQ lover organized by price point—under $40, under $75, and under $100!


BBQ Gifts Under $40

Cast Iron Chef's Press


Is there someone in your life that is obsessed with burgers, particularly juicy ones, cooked on the grill? Then this Cast Iron Chef’s Press is the perfect BBQ gift idea!

Essentially how it works is it allows for an even sear of burgers and bacon (the best combination), and speeds up the overall cook time, all while keeping the flavors in.


Genuine Leather BBQ Gloves


Made from genuine grey cowhide leather, these extra-long BBQ gloves will protect the forearms from grinding debris, welding sparks, hot coals, open flames, hot kitchenware, and hot steam. With their soft and comfortable lining cradles, reinforced stitching, and quality fit with greater dexterity, there’s no doubt that it’s one of the best gifts for the BBQ lover.


Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves


Grill masters should be able to “BBQ-all-they-want” without worrying about getting any burns. With Napoleon Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves they can easily handle hot things up to 475°F! It’s even made from aramid fibers, which are used in the aerospace industry. Plus, it features a soft cotton lining and silicone grips for extra convenience.


10-Inch Personal Pizza/Baking Stone Set


Anyone who loves making their own pizza will find that Napoleon’s 10-inch Personal Size Pizza/Baking Stone Set is the perfect partner to help them get it done. With its porous stone, it pulls moisture away from the pizza crust and yields crispy and light results, just like your favorite pie from your neighborhood pizzeria!


Stainless Steel Smoker Box + Wood Chips


Your barbecue fanatic friends who can’t get enough of smoky flavors in their roasts, reverse-seared meats, and rotisserie-cooked meals will get a real kick out of this one. Made from top-quality steel, this smoker box was specifically built for the Prestige PRO, Prestige Series, and Rogue Series gas barbecue grills.

Of course, they’re going to need a variety of great wood chips to go with it! Choose from Napoleon’s Cherry Wood Chips, Apple Wood Chips, and more.


BBQ Gifts Under $75

LED Grill Light


Cooking in the winter means less daylight, but that shouldn’t stop you from preparing a delicious dinner on the BBQ. With its four LED lights, this battery-powered product will enable BBQ fanatics to grill no matter the time of day. Not only is it universal and adjustable to fit most grill handles, but it also has a 50-hour run time that won’t let you down. It’s one of the best secret Santa gifts that’ll make it easier than ever to illuminate grill areas of up to 18 inches (45.7 cm) by 36 inches (91.4 cm).


Cast Iron Frying Pan


Everyone needs a sturdy cast iron pan in their grilling accessories arsenal. Master chefs and barbecue beginners alike can benefit from a trusted cast iron pan as it’s one of the most versatile cooking accessories around—outlasting most nonstick pans on the market today! From veggies and side dishes in the oven, barbecue, on the side burners, or directly in charcoal (even in your firepit while camping) — there is nothing this pan can’t do.


BBQ Gifts Under $100

Stainless Steel Rib/Roast Rack


Whether you’re preparing ribs, chicken, or turkey, making sure that no piece of meat cooked on the grill ends up soggy or undercooked is no easy feat. With this Stainless Steel Rib/Roast rack, you’ve just found the secret to a perfectly roasted dinner! Its standing racks provide the ideal surface area for smoke penetration. This product fits all full-sized Napoleon barbecues including charcoal kettle grills. It truly is one of the best gifts for the BBQ lover—every grill master needs one!


Rotisserie Grill Basket


If you’re looking for fantastic gifts for the BBQ lover, then this Rotisserie Grill Basket might just be it. It’s a simple yet fantastic BBQ accessory for anyone who loves making delicious Game Day wings, french fries, and roasted veggies—and it can all be done without the addition of oil. And don’t worry, unlike other rotisserie baskets, this one is easy to clean!


BBQ Gifts $100+

Charcuterie Board


When it comes to charcuterie boards, the naturally elegant surface of genuine Acacia hardwood is simply superior. Next on our list of the best secret Santa gifts, we have this simple but stylish grazing board that was designed to serve delectable cured or smoked meat, roasted vegetables, and a variety of cheese to a crowd.

It comes with three ramekins to fill up with sauces, olives, fruit, or anything else that will complement the rest of your board. Adorned with a leather strap, it’s easy to carry to all of your picnics and backyard barbecues.


Napoleon: A Haven of Gifts For the BBQ Lover

When it comes to grilling up culinary masterpieces, Napoleon will always be your ultimate partner. Whether you’re looking for the best secret Santa gifts to spoil your loved ones or gifts for the BBQ lover year-round, we’ve got you covered. Browse our full catalog of BBQ accessories!