This Is Why We’re Experts in Grilling – Best Burner Design

Burners could be considered the beating heart of a barbecue. Ours are just that, only we’ve reinforced them with armor and supercharged them with science. Our burners feature an industry-leading design that provides proven longevity, performance and optimum efficiency.


Supercharged Science

Complete combustion of the perfect balance of fuel and oxygen creates a clean burn with a difference you can taste. This efficient burn is specifically tailored to the selected fuel, natural gas, or propane, and each and every Napoleon barbecue burner has been tailored to that specific fuel type. Dual gas ports on the top and sides of each burner guarantee even heating front to back and side to side within the barbecue, producing fewer flare-ups when used.


Quality Construction

How many barbecue manufacturers can say that their barbecue burners will work after being run over by a transport truck? Napoleon gas barbecue burners are made from 16-gauge, premium quality 304 stainless steel. It is the ideal material for, not only, culinary but exterior applications too. The design is tough and strong, guiding the heat and flame where it needs to be to ensure the best performance a barbecue can provide.