More Than Just Beef - Other Red Meats To Try

Using your BBQ is a great way to prepare and enjoy meals, however, it can get boring if all you ever prepare is chicken, fish, beef, and pork. Why not consider game meat? More than just beef, game has a plethora of flavorful other red meats you can try that will add variety to your culinary creations.


What is Game Meat & Why Is It So Good?

Game meat is considered meat that is typically hunted instead of farmed. These meats include venison (deer), boar, bison, elk, duck, and lamb. Game meat is good for you because it is generally higher in protein and lower in saturated fats and a great source of iron among other things.


Types of Game


Venison has a full and rich flavor that can get gamey or tangy when cooked incorrectly. The texture is a little more fine than beef. Marinating and slower cooking methods are recommended for preparation. Venison is high in protein and iron and low in saturated fat.

Venison Steaks

RecipeBlog - VenisonSteaks - Serve1


Wild Boar:

Wild Boar was native to northern and central Europe and brought to North America with the Spanish explorers. It features a bold, sweet, and nutty flavor and benefits from lower and slower cooking methods like smoking and the reverse sear as well as marinating. Wild Boar is leaner, a darker red when cooked, and has a gamier flavor than other red meats.

Wild Boar Chops

RecipeBlog - Wild Boar Chops - Serve2



Bison is a shaggy wild ox native to North America and Europe. It is more likely to be grass fed and organic than beef. Bison is full of lean protein, lower in calories and fat than beef. While it is a farmed meat, Bison is still considered game. It is recommended that you use similar cooking techniques to beef when preparing, however, you can replace beef with bison in most recipes.

Grilled Bison Strip Steaks Over Charcoal

RecipeBlog - Bison Strip Steaks - Serve3



Duck is tender (when cooked correctly) and is also an indulgent meat to have on your dinner plate. As duck is considered a red meat, it should be cooked to an internal temperature of around 140°F leaving it pink and juicy in the middle. This source of protein can be fatty and precautions need to be taken in preparation, however preparing duck for dinner is quite rewarding.

BBQ Duck

duck and risotto on a plate



Lamb is smooth, buttery, earthy, and slightly gamey in flavor, and has a texture similar to beef. Lamb is a surprising source of omega 3 and is high in vitamin b12. Lamb can get tough, so cook it to medium and no further. Consumed worldwide, but seen as a main course more often on religious holidays.

Slow Roasted Leg of Lamb



Better than Beef?

If you are consuming wild game – anything actually hunted - please remember to take precautions to properly store and handle meat and ensure that it is cooked to the safe internal temperature recommended by the recipes.

Game meat is unique in flavor and can add variety to your grilled meals. Most are considered red meat and are definitely more than just beef. Will you be adding game to your menu? Tell us about your first experience with game, or share your favorite recipes on our social pages like Facebook and Instagram. Use the hashtags #BBQGameMeat and #NapoleonGrills.

Happy Grilling!