What is the Difference Between Canadian Wagyu & Japanese Wagyu?

If you’re an avid griller, I mean you’re here and reading this article, so you must be right? Anyway, if you’re an avid griller, you have heard of Wagyu Steak. What you may not know is that there are a few different types of Wagyu Steak. In this article, we’re going to explore what the key difference between the types of Wagyu Steak is and how to tell if you are buying correctly.


There are Different Kinds of Wagyu?

In fact, yes, there are different kinds of Wagyu. Japanese Wagyu is what you think of when you think Wagyu. Incredibly marbled, expensive, succulent. This is why it is served and sold in small portions. Japanese Wagyu comes from cattle raised in several regions on the main island in Japan, Honshu. However, there’s also Canadian, American, and Australian Wagyu. These are different from Japanese Wagyu in a couple of ways.

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What are Canadian, American, and Australian Wagyu?

As you know after reading our article about everything you need to know about Japanese Wagyu Beef, you understand that Wagyu is rich, precious, and to be shared amongst friends and family. The richness of the well-marbled beef makes Japanese Wagyu something to savor in small quantities. However, that is not how many people like to eat steaks. In other parts of the world, a steak needs to be big and satisfying, juicy, and flavorful. That’s where Canadian, American, and Australian Wagyu Beef comes in.


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Where Japanese Wagyu Beef is from one of four purebred lines, Canadian, American, and Australian Wagyu Beef come from cross-breeding a pure-blooded Japanese Wagyu cow with a Black Angus. This produces incredibly tender beef with the incredible flavor of Wagyu that doesn’t become overpowering in its delectable richness. It’s a huge and satisfying steak that you can go ahead and eat or share with others. These steaks are visibly well-marbled with white veins of white fat within the muscle fibers of the cut. These veins of fat will render into the meat during cooking and enhance the flavor and tenderness of each bite.

Beef Breeds as a whole can be confusing. Every consumer cattle breed, from the Angus to the Shorthorn and even Herefords have unique characteristics, including markings, quality of fat, and personality. They have been bred to highlight the attributes that consumers find desirable in their meat.


Why is Canadian Wagyu so Expensive?

Canadian, American, and Australian Wagyu Beef is expensive because of the time and effort that goes into curating the quality meat that you are purchasing. Like Japanese Wagyu Beef, it comes down to the care, feed, and time that goes into producing a quality product. And these products, this beef, is literally a cut above. These steaks and other cuts, like ribs and brisket, are included in the top 2% of the consumable beef available in North America. That means that these steaks are Prime as graded by both Canadian and American standards. Meaning that these cuts of beef are less widely available as well.


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Whether you are trying the exquisite Japanese Wagyu or purchasing Canadian Wagyu for a special occasion (or, let’s face it, if you have tried it, you aren’t going back to “normal” beef), one thing is for sure. Wagyu is a quality untasted by many. It is something that should be enjoyed at least once. Season it gently, salt and pepper is all that is truly needed, and grill to perfection. Will you look for and purchase some Wagyu? Share your stories and recipes on our social pages like Facebook and Instagram, using the hashtags #NapoleonEats and #NapoleonGrill.

Happy Grilling!