Our Response to COVID-19


Napoleon continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation and its impact on our operations here in Barrie and around the world. 

We have reviewed and tested our corporate infrastructure to provide a healthy environment for our associates, as well as to provide critical support to our customers. We are pleased that our business continuity processes are functioning as expected.

Our objective is to provide a safe, healthy and secure environment for our associates, business partners, customers and the community. We have taken the following measures to achieve this objective:

  • Increased internal communications and training to all associates around how to remain healthy.
  • Enhanced cleaning and sanitization protocols at all our facilities.
  • Restricted all access to our facilities other than for our own associates and critical service providers/emergency personnel. Stringent measures in place for approved external visitors.
  • Cancelled all business travel.
  • Enforced a 15-day isolation period for all associates returning from international travel.
  • Implemented a shutdown period on March 23rd at our manufacturing facilities.
  • Developed a work from home program for salaried associates.
  • Established a core group of key functions that will continue to work from our facilities including Order Desk, Customer Solutions, Shipping/Receiving, Finance, IT, HR and Senior Operating Managers. For those associates on-site, we have enforced distancing measures and increased sanitation methods.

To meet the surging demand for essential medical equipment, a North American based medical supply company made the decision to increase their production at short notice.  In order to accomplish this, they needed a qualified workforce.  There are 50 Napoleon volunteer associates covering four shifts each day including midnights.  The team is providing much needed support in the areas of material handling, machine operations, assembly, engineering, quality control as well as team leadership and supervisory support.  The Napoleon team is primarily focused on assembling and packaging face shields which provide a wide range of protective coverage for healthcare workers including splash protection which significantly reduces the risk of contamination and protects them against high level diseases, such as COVID-19.

In addition, Napoleon is leveraging its global supply chain partners to expedite the delivery of urgent and essential medical equipment for local hospitals and working attentively to support government agencies to assist further.

As this crisis continues to unfold, we will continue to adjust our plans to ensure we achieve our objective of providing a safe, healthy and secure environment for all.