This Is Why We’re Experts in Grilling – Highly Efficient Grills

Managing fire is what we do. After years of building high-efficiency stoves and fireplaces, the Napoleon team has a direct advantage when it comes to designing a barbecue. Airflow, airtightness, and fuel management are just a few things that ensure that a Napoleon barbecue is counted among one of the most efficient barbecues on earth.


What are BTUs

BTU or the British Thermal Unit measures the energy that it takes to raise one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. This comes into play with a barbecue by measuring the amount of heat it will generate when burners are running at the maximum output as calculated by fuel consumed per square foot. This gives you an overall number that you can think of like miles per gallon in a car.


Efficient Use of BTUs

One would think that the higher the BTUs, the better the barbecue. However, high BTUs don’t necessarily mean that the barbecue is efficient. Although Napoleon barbecues are definitely efficient. Our units are built to seal tightly while providing the perfect amount of airflow for complete combustion of the selected fuel, whether it is charcoal, natural gas, or propane. A tighter grill with balanced airflow ensures even heating and cooking while providing more control over temperature.

Napoleon gas barbecues are made with highly durable stainless steel. Not only does stainless steel shrug off anything nature and your culinary creativity can throw at them, it also ensures that our grills heat up quickly and retain that heat. The lids are built with a second layer inside to provide insulation, improving heat retention and circulation. This makes a Napoleon barbecue one of the most efficient on the market.