This Is Why We’re Experts in Grilling – Unique Cooking Capabilities

Not many barbecues can boast that you can cook just about anything in any manner wish. From stone oven style pizza to the most succulent rotisserie chicken, baked goods like cake and bread, to your favorite smoked delicacies, there isn’t anything you can’t use a Napoleon barbecue to prepare. We have the most unique cooking capabilities available on any barbecue.


Unique Cooking Capabilities

There is nothing you can’t do on a Napoleon barbecue. There is nothing we haven’t thought of either. Our barbecues feature precise temperature control, allowing users to enjoy slow roasting, smoking, and baking of things like bread, cakes, cookies, and more.

Integrated Smoker

Add a delicate smoked flavor to dishes while using a gas grill. An integrated smoker tray and a dedicated burner will ignite smoker chips to add that delightful smokiness to all of your favorite grilled dishes.

Infrared Rotisserie Burner

Ideal for high heat searing to create a dark crust, followed by finishing with slow spit roasting, our rear infrared rotisserie burners are perfectly suited to just about any meal that you can stick a spit through. Roasts of beef and pork, poultry, ribs, and even chicken wings, there’s nothing that can’t be cooked rotisserie style. The results will speak for themselves.

Infrared Sear Station Burners

Infrared burners can be located within the barbecue or on the side shelf as a sear station. They superheat in moments to produce the intensity of temperature needed for ideal searing. That means the perfect steak comes off of your barbecue within minutes.

Warming Burner

Having every little bit of food ready at the same time is a challenge, especially when feeding a crowd. We’ve thought of that too. You don’t need a lot of heat to keep food warm and the warming burner produces just the right amount of heat to keep things warm while making sure things don’t get overdone.

Two-Stage Power Side Burner

What, you ask, is a two-stage power side burner? The two-stage power side burner is a combination of a range-style gas burner and infrared burner. The outer gas ring is for gently cooking and simmering, while the interior power burner features the same infrared technology featured in our infrared sear station burners. The cast-iron side burner cooking grate has interesting properties itself as well. The concave side is perfectly suited to cradling a wok for fantastic stir-fries and pasta dishes. Flip the cooking grate to create stable support that is ideal for pots and pans where you can create a wide range of sauces, side dishes, and anything else imaginable.