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Top 10 Napoleon Multiuse Grilling Accessories

When it comes to furnishing your kitchen with the essentials, sometimes it’s hard. Space is a real issue. That is why it’s important to ensure that can be used for more than one purpose. Napoleon has a plethora of multifunctional accessories to choose from to help you get the best and save space in your kitchen while still having high-quality grilling accessories for your kitchen, barbecue, and stovetop. Here are the top 10 Napoleon Grilling Accessories that have more than one use.

Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Napoleon’s Cast Iron Dutch Oven is a multipurpose cooker that can be used on the stovetop, in the oven, on the grill and even over the side burner. While heavy, this item is great for directly over the fire and charcoal cooking too, meaning that it is ideal for cottages and camping as well. The cast iron is ideal for searing, the deepness of the vessel makes braising, soups, and stews easy. Use this Dutch Oven to bake or take the lid off and use it as a griddle pan. No matter how you cut it, this Cast Iron Dutch Oven is handy.

Try this recipe for Cast Iron Dutch Oven Pot Roast tonight.

Recipe Blog - Pot Roast Recipe - wine

Cast Iron Muffin Cooker

Napoleon’s Cast Iron Muffin Cooker can be used on its own, or inside the Cast Iron Dutch Oven. Sure, muffins are easy to make in there, but have you considered Yorkshire puddings to go with a lovingly tended pot roast dinner? Use the Cast Iron Muffin Cooker to make individual servings of egg-bites, cruffins, soups or stews, and other desserts.


Stainless Steel Rib / Roast Rack

Designed with two uses in mind, this Stainless Steel Rib/Roast Rack handily holds a roast above the cooking grids for an even roast all the way around the meat, be that a whole bird or most delicious roast of pork or beef. Use this rack to hold ribs upright to save space on your barbecue too. While not as multifunctional as the Dutch Oven, this accessory can also be used in your oven as well as gas or charcoal grills and fits perfectly over a drip tray or baking tray to catch delicious drippings, ensuring easy cleanup.


Gourmet Burger Press Kit

Forming perfect patties is easy using this kit, but did you ever consider using it to form other food items? Perfect sausage patties for breakfast or hashbrowns are easy using this press kit. You can also use the large base as a ring mold for food styling and presentation. While this grilling accessory isn’t good for using on a hot barbecue or pan, it can help create conveniently circular food items.

Try this recipe for Sweet Potato Burgers and use the Gourmet Burger Press in a fun and delicious way.


Large Grease Drip Trays

Keeping your barbecue clean is part of great grilling maintenance. But these 14 by 8-inch aluminum grease trays are handy for more than that. Reusable, you can rinse or wash them out to save these for another day, or just rinse and recycle. You can use these trays to transport food, bake, or reheat in the oven and on the barbecue. Place a Large Grease Drip Tray below the food you are rotisserie cooking to catch drippings for amazing gravies or catch debris to keep your grill clean. Use one of these trays as a water bath, or heat sync when smoking, or to ensure your smoked foods stay together, like in this recipe for Smoked Pork Belly Bites.

Keep these convenient trays around, they’re great for day-to-day use and especially handy in emergencies.

Recipe Blog - HD Recipes - grill1 Pork Belly Burnt Ends

Pro Chicken Infusion Roaster

It is important to have kitchen tools and this Chicken Infusion Roaster is no different. Infuse a roast chicken while cooking it beer-can style. The flat-bottomed wok makes the world go round! Well, it makes your chicken or other poultry flavorful and delicious. Fill it with your favorite liquids and aromats while your poultry steams and roasts, supported by the flavor cone. You can place veggies and potatoes onto the flat plate to roast in the succulent chicken juices. Use the flat-bottomed wok on its own to make large portions of stir-fries or paellas, use it as a frying pan, roasting pan, or even a serving tray. The strong stainless steel is easy to clean, while the multifunctionality ensures it is well worth a place in your kitchen. This accessory is ideal for use in the barbecue or oven.

Recipe Blog - Amber Ale Chicken - Grill1

Cast Iron Frying Pans

Cast Iron Frying Pans are handy. They heat slowly, but once hot, retain that heat and distribute it evenly. This means that you can get the best sear on meat or to use to bake or roast in. If you only have one pan in your kitchen, a cast iron pan would be the most useful. While they do require maintenance, proper cleaning and seasoning, a good and well-looked-after cast iron pan can last decades and more. Everything from breakfast to dessert can be cooked in a cast iron pan and they can be used on the stove, in the oven, on your barbecue’s side burner, infrared, directly on the grill, over charcoal, and even while camping over the fire.

Try this duck recipe in the cast iron pan then, try this dessert recipe too.

Recipe Blog - maple duck - grill4

Grilling Wok

Perfect for corralling meatballs or veggies, even shrimp, this stainless steel grilling wok allows someone to easily cook food that would typically fall through the cooking grids without preventing the sweet kiss of flame and smoke that the barbecue provides. If you have saucy foods, it’s not quite ideal for keeping things tidy, so it’s best to sauce or tip drippy things, like marinated veggies, while it’s already on the barbecue. Did you know that you can bake in the Grilling Wok? You sure can! Use it like a stainless steel pizza sheet, and bake rustic pies and pizzas too. In a pinch, this fantastic accessory can double as a colander. Strain your pasta easily, drain foods that are kept in juice or brine, and even clean berries and grapes while using this handy barbecue tool.


Grill Roasting Pan

While it is specifically built to quite literally replace your cooking grids and drop-in to the barbecue, this Grill Roasting Pan is handy for loads of things. On the barbecue, you can use this porcelain enameled pan to make sheet-pan-style dinners, roast and fry, and it is the perfect depth to use as a drip tray under your favorite roast, make a shepherd’s pie, and even stir fry. Did you know that you can use this pan in your oven too? And you can even use this grill accessory to bake cookies!

Try this recipe for Easy BBQ Mongolian Beef using the Drop-In Grill Roasting Pan tonight.

Recipe Blog - Easy Mongolian Beef - Saucy

Ceramic Casserole Dish

Everyone should have a good baking/serving dish. This ceramic casserole dish is a multifunctional marvel. Use it in the oven or on the barbecue. Go from cooking to serving without any issue. Use it for transporting that delicious pot-luck dish in luxury too. Reheat pulled pork, make soups, stews, sauces, and so much more with this dish. This, while it technically only has one use, is one of those kitchen must-haves that can pull all of the duties and look dang good while doing so. Seriously, that matte black finish? Easy to clean and feels amazing.

Try this amazing Barbecue Baked, Eight Cheese, Macaroni and Cheese recipe that uses the Ceramic Casserole Dish to both bake and serve!

Recipe Blog - 8 Cheese Mac & Cheese - Serve2

Share your multiuse grilling accessories with us!

When space and budget are at a premium, it’s important to have things in your daily life that can be multiuse. These top 10 Napoleon Grilling Accessories may have more than one use, but we have more. What are your favorite multipurpose items? Share your favorite multipurpose accessories whether they’re for the kitchen and barbecue or in your daily life. Add your favorite recipes, and photos too! Reach out on social like our Facebook and Tiktok pages using the hashtags #NapoleonEats and #NapoleonGrills and show us your favorite multipurpose items.

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