This is Why We're Experts in Grilling - Reliability

One thing you should be able to say about your barbecue is that it is reliable. What is more reliable than a barbecue that won’t rust out and lights every time? Napoleon builds grills that stand the test of time with safety and ease of use in mind.


Instant JETFIRE™ Ignition

The instant JETFIRE™ ignition lights the first time, every time. This innovative ignition system for our barbecues shoots a jet of flame to light each burner individually. Single-handed ignition of your grill is worry-free, requiring no extra batteries or effort. With an ignition system for each burner, dependability is increased exponentially. Imagine lighting a barbecue with just a twist of the wrist.


Cross Lighting Action

Grilling should be safe and trouble-free. Napoleon ensures this with a cross lighting system. In the unlikely event that a burner goes out or fails to light, it will automatically relight. A specially built cross-light bracket between burners passes everything necessary to the unlit burner. Cross lighting is just another way that Napoleon assures safe and reliable grilling.