This Is Why We’re Experts in Grilling – Unparalleled Flavor

Napoleon’s cooking system is second to none. With a plethora of ways to use our barbecues to achieve delicious meals, there is nothing you can’t do on a Napoleon grill. Ensuring everything cooked on our barbecues tastes amazing and keeping things easy to clean and maintain is part of the secret to being one of the best barbecues on the market.


Incredible Quality

Beauty may only be skin deep, but quality and performance can be seen no matter how you look at a Napoleon barbecue. Made from culinary quality stainless steel inside and out, our barbecues outperform and outshine the others. One of the best-kept secrets to this unparalleled greatness is the premium quality, 304 stainless steel sear plates.


Intense Flavour

What are sear plates for? Sear plates in a barbecue have a number of functions. First and foremost is to help create the big barbecue flavor that you know and love. When cooking on a Napoleon barbecue, these sear plates are heated. Food placed on the barbecue drips onto the sear plates where those drippings are vaporized creating smoke and steam that bathes the food being cooked in intense grill flavor.


More Than One Function

Napoleon’s sear plates aren’t just like any other. We’ve placed our sear plates in a multi-level, staggered pattern. This creates even coverage across the grilling surface providing a multitude of other functions than just ensuring the best barbecue flavor. This pattern of sear plates produces even heating throughout the barbecue. Because every burner is covered on all sides by our specially designed sear plates the interior of the barbecue and the burners are kept far cleaner than other barbecues. This makes your Napoleon barbecue even easier to keep clean.