What Is A Vent Free Gas Fireplace?

Vent Free Gas Fireplaces are fireplaces that do not require venting when they burn. They are built to be nearly 100% efficient because they vent any combustion byproducts directly into the room they are in. This is not a bad thing, Vent Free Fireplaces are built to burn incredibly clean. Strict guidelines ensure that prospective rooms are large enough, provide adequate oxygen for clean combustion. One of the biggest benefits to a Vent Free Gas Fireplace is the zero-clearance construction, which means that they can be built in close proximity to combustible materials, meaning that a Vent Free Gas Fireplace can be installed virtually anywhere in the home and will not create large holes for venting pipes or chimneys. This makes them a cost-effective gas fireplace and an excellent alternative heat source so that you can warm a room while creating warm memories. Note that you should consult local building codes and regulations as Vent Free Products may not be approved for your location.


Grandville™ Series

Relax next to a Grandville™ Series Vent Free Gas Fireplace with multi-level burner technology, realistic logs, and many designer options.