Zero Gravity™ Door System

Fireplace Safety Barrier


Lighting and refueling a wood-burning fire should be as effortless as it is to enjoy its warmth and security. Napoleon’s ZERO GRAVITY™ Door System ensures that you get to the best part about lighting a fire without delay. Available exclusively on our High Country™ 5000, 7000, and 8000 Series Wood Burning Fireplaces.

What is the ZERO GRAVITY™ Door System?

Most traditional fireplace and stove doors are made of heavy and durable materials like cast iron, making them hard to move. Napoleon’s innovative ZERO GRAVITY™ Door System is a feature unique to our High Country™ Series Wood Fireplaces. It is a counterbalanced door and screen that make operation effortless. So light, in fact, that everyone can use it. The door - a heat radiating ceramic glass, and screen can be lifted together or independently. Simply insert the handle into the slot and gently lift. The counterbalanced glass door and screen slide up into the wall using the four-way roller system, the silky movement allowing anyone to masterfully build a fire or quickly add logs to keep things comfortable. This incredible technology allows a clear view of the fire, uninhibited by shutters, handles, and doors. The single large plane of glass provides a never seen before the vista of a roaring fire. The only way to see more would be at an open fire.

A wood-burning fireplace is about as traditional as you can get and the joy received from the scent, the sound is completely worth taking an active role in heating your home. Our fireplaces fitted with the ZERO GRAVITY™ Door System ensure that the lighting and loading experience is as effortless as it is enjoyable. This fireplace is built to last. The door system has been tested up to 30,000 uses without any wear and tear insight. This ensures that the ZERO GRAVITY™ Door System will last, smoothly rolling for up to sixty years of use. With state-of-the-art technology and hand-crafted beauty, our Wood-Burning Fireplaces will last for generations.

High Country™ Series

Available Models: 42, 45 & 60

Napoleon's High Country™ allow you to bask in the glow of a wood fire that will add impact and luxury to your favorite space.


Get Technical/The nitty Gritty

Going a little deeper the door and frame sub-assembly are manufactured using computer-guided, high precision machining to ensure that all components are accurate to micrometers. The whole setup is separate from the firebox and there is no welding used. This means that there is absolutely no variation or distortion in the frame, housing, and mechanism from changes in the firebox temperature whether it is in use or not. Our stainless steel door rails are made from one piece of stainless steel that has been precision formed. The triple roller bearing assembly provides smooth function while eliminating friction of any sort.