How to Keep the Room Above Your Garage Warm in Winter

Most of us have homes with rooms or spaces above the garage. However, when the cold temperatures come, this empty space often circulates cold air, creating a chilly temperature that leaves us feeling cold and weary. Aside from the garage, the basement can also be a colder place compared to any other part of the house.

There are many ways to heat the room above your garage. In saying that, here are some tips from our heating and cooling professionals when insulating garage ceilings. By applying these tips, you can keep the room warm to make the space more comfortable.


How to Insulate Your Garage to Keep Things Warmer

If the room above your garage feels colder than the rest of your house, it is likely that the cold air is rising through the floor. This is a common problem since most people don’t take time to insulate or heat their garages. Unlike all other rooms in the house, which share walls with adjoining spaces, some to all of the garage’s walls can be exposed to the temperatures outside.


Luckily, there are several things you can do to maintain a temperature that is convenient and comfortable, all year round. Here are some helpful tips to help keep the room above your garage warm in the winter:


Place Down Thick Rugs or Hang Drapes

If the room above your garage has tile or wood-type flooring, you can provide insulation by installing thick rugs and carpets. Aside from that, putting up some insulated draping on the windows will prevent heat from escaping the space. To make it even cozier, you can choose to add floor cushions, pillows, and bean bags.


Invest in Insulating Your Garage's Ceiling, the Right Way

While it is possible that your garage ceiling has insulation installed, you need to make sure that it does the job properly. Most building companies are focused on insulating the garage ceiling by using fiberglass batts. Unfortunately, this type can possibly leave gaps, where the cold air can easily pass.

Contact insulation experts in your area who can suggest more effective solutions when insulating your garage ceiling, such as spray foam insulation. This type fills the entire ceiling cavity, preventing possible cold airflow.


Add More Insulation to the Room Floor

Another way to insulate the cold room above the garage is to add floor insulation. While floor insulation would not be as thick compared to the ones installed in the garage ceiling, it will cost less to install. Flooring usually consists of two or three layers, with the bottom layer being plywood that covers the joists. The solid foam insulation will provide a consistent surface for the final look of the floor, but will also provide excellent insulating properties. This is a good way to add to your efforts in insulating the garage ceiling, however, this solution requires that you rip-up and replace your current flooring in the room above the garage.


Insulate Your Garage Door

One of the best ways to keep the room above the garage warm is to insulate your garage door. Typical garage doors are manufactured from thin metal, which can easily be penetrated by the cold. An insulated garage door can offer an additional 10 to 12 degrees of warmth, on average, during winter without turning on any heating system.



Make Sure that The Heating System is Working Effectively

An efficient central heating system serves as the backbone of your home’s source of warmth during the cold season, and it can possibly help in keeping the room above your garage warm. To do so, you can decide to install additional ductwork and registers installed by heating system professionals. Heating experts may also suggest ductless heat pumps if you don’t have ductwork which will allow heat to circulate throughout the room.

A best practice to ensure your heating system is working as effectively as possible is to change the furnace filters or have your ducts cleaned. Adding extra heating is another way to prevent the room above the garage from being cold, you can do this in the form of installing an electric fireplace. They’re efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and offer benefits that will save on monthly heating costs and energy.


Napoleon can Help Keep the Room Above Your Garage Warmer

Aside from all these tips that we have mentioned on how to make the room warmer, there is still so much to learn and understand about heating and cooling solutions for your home. Browse through our high-quality options that suit every budget preference and need. Our pricing guide will help you pick the right heating system for the room above your garage.

Napoleon’s HVAC is Built to Last. With high quality and our guarantee at the forefront of Napoleon’s values, we strive to provide our customers with comfort for years to come. Contact our heating and cooling professionals in case you have any further questions regarding how to keep the room above your garage warm during the winter.

If you wish to learn more about heating and cooling systems in general, visit our blog for tips and information about everything you need to know about heating and cooling.

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