Learn the Basics

Learn the basics of your home's HVAC system to understand how each component works together to keep your indoor climate as comfortable as possible.

Learn the Basics | Your HVAC System

In many ways, your HVAC system (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) is the heart of your home. It controls your home's climate and improves your indoor air quality, doing so in a quiet, efficient way, all within a system designed for your specific needs.

HVAC are instrumental in making any indoor environment comfortable, and they do so by using some or all of the components listed below:

  • At least one thermostat, depending on how many zones need to be heated or cooled
  • Gas or hybrid furnace
  • Heat pump
  • Air handler
  • Ductless unit
  • Products to improve indoor air quality and filter out contaminants
  • Air filtration products or humidity control products

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Understanding Your HVAC System

Your HVAC system has three main functions to provide acceptable indoor air quality while keeping your home at a comfortable temperature.



For starters, your furnace or boiler makes up the heating component of your HVAC system and has a pipe system for the fluid carrying the heat or ductwork if you have a forced air system.


Next, the ventilation component of your HVAC system can be natural or forced. With forced ventilation, you can expect your system to also have air cleaning capabilities.


Air Conditioning:
Last is your air conditioning, which removes heat from your home's interior and replaces it with cool air. In the event one or all of these parts malfunction, you'll know!

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Napoleon is proud to offer everything you need for the most efficient heating and cooling of your home. Using the latest technologies, we offer advanced air quality solutions that can be integrated into your system, helping you and your family breathe easy within a safe, clean, and comfortable home environment.