Adjusting your Thermostat for Colder Months

Whether you are an experienced homeowner who is disappointed in the latest heating bill, or a new homeowner stunned by the actual costs of running a household, one thing is certain. You need to find the best settings for your thermostat for maximum savings and comfort. Setting your thermostat in colder months is a huge way to boost your comfort level and save money at the same time.


What to Set your Thermostat to in the Colder Months

The whole point of home comfort is to find a balance between pure contentment and affordability. Not every person is exactly the same, however, there is a guideline that you can follow. 72°F (22°C) is the magic number where most people are comfortable enough. A light shirt to layers with a sweater, as long as your home is around this temperature, you should be pretty happy.




Now for the Secret

When you will be away for more than four hours at a time, set your thermostat to about 10° less than your favorite setting. This will save on energy and in turn money. If you have a programmable thermostat it will make things so much easier for you because you can set a schedule instead of having to change your thermostat every time you leave.

You can even set the temperature to lower while you sleep. Some people prefer cuddly blankets and a cooler temperature to sleep, if that is you, set your thermostat to around 66°F (19°C) from ten at night to around five in the morning, allowing the house to heat up just before you get up and get your day started. This will also help to lower your heating and electricity bill.


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