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Hybrid Heating


What is the Napoleon Hybrid Heating Solution?

The Hybrid Heating Solution combines a cold climate, Air Source Heat Pump and a Furnace, using electricity and alternate fuel (natural gas or propane).

Intelligent Control

The Napoleon EQHub Smart Thermostat manages the system to provide optimal functionality based on your preferences for comfort, low-cost, quietness, or reduced emissions, controllable through the EQHub or the Napoleon Home app.


Hybrid Heating Benefits

Hybrid heating combines the advantages of both electric and gas heating systems, offering increased energy efficiency, cost savings, and greater flexibility in adapting to varying weather conditions.

Rebates & Tax Credits

Napoleon has numerous products that qualify for federal and local rebate credits and incentives.

Energy Efficiency

A hybrid system can achieve an energy efficiency level of over 100% by using high SEER, AFUE, and HSPF ratings, and may reduce heating costs by up to 50% annually.

In-Home Comfort Throughout the Year

During extreme cold temperatures, the hybrid heating system will activate the furnace automatically to maintain the coziness of your home. Additionally, during colder seasons, the heat pump will keep you comfortable, while ensuring energy efficiency.

Lower Energy Costs

Using the Napoleon EQHub Smart Thermostat could save the homeowner up to $116 annually as well as reduce their carbon footprint by 2,062 kg.CO2e/kWh. Which is the same as driving 2,892 km less in your car. (Case study)

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Hybrid systems can lower greenhouse gas emissions by up to 30 percent, allowing homeowners to take a step towards combating climate change.

Compatible Products

Learn how Hybrid Heating Solution works with these products.

EQHub Smart Thermostat

Hybrid Solution at Your Fingertips


9600 & 9700 Furnaces

Gas Furnaces

Gas Furnaces

Central Heat Pumps

Hybrid Heating Solutions

Heat Pumps


How It Works - Dual Switch Technology

Once the thermostat is set in Hybrid mode and registered through Napoleon, it is ready to save you money!

The incredible dual switch technology will automatically switch to your Heat Pump (using electricity) or to your Napoleon Furnace (using fossil fuel), depending on the least expensive mode of operation at the time.

The system considers a variety of factors:

  • Gas and electricity prices
  • Time of use
  • Outdoor Air Temperature
  • Efficiency of the Heat Pump vs efficiency of the Gas Furnace
  • Heating requirements of the home

Plus, our Napoleon Home app will calculate the savings for you and keep you updated with a personalized monthly report!

Create the most efficient solution today with Napoleon for savings tomorrow!

Hybrid Heating & Cooling Products

What is Napoleon Home?

You can control your Napoleon Hybrid Solution using the Napoleon Home app on your smartphone.

With the convenience of the easy-to-use app on your smartphone, you can easily adjust the features of your Hybrid Solution to control your home's environment.