Rebates & Tax Credits

Depending on where you live, you may qualify for tax credits and/or rebates to help offset the cost of upgrading existing heating and cooling equipment.

Canadian Tax Credits & Rebates

Tax credits and rebates are offered through government agencies and energy transportation corporations, like Enbridge, to help offset the cost of upgrading existing heating and cooling equipment to more energy efficient units. These credits differ between province, region, and even city and municipality. As such, the first step will be to inquire about rebates through a registered installation professional. Contact your local Napoleon dealer today.

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How Do Canadian Tax Credits and Rebates Work?

  1. Home Energy Assessment - Begin by scheduling a home energy assessment with a registered advisor. This generally needs to be done to ensure that your home meets requirements for this credit as well as it is part of the qualification process. You will receive a report with recommended upgrades that will help you to lower energy costs in the home.
  2. Complete the Upgrades - You must complete the number of eligible upgrades as laid out by the credit provider. Often times it will be a buy-more get-more situation, where you will receive more back the more qualifying upgrades you do.
  3. Follow-up Assessment - A follow-up assessment may be required. Once complete, a reimbursement cheque will be mailed out to you within 12 weeks of completing the follow-up assessment.

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Heating and Cooling System Rebates

You may be eligible to receive up to $250 back for installing a qualifying furnace with an AFUE of at least 96% or more.
You are required to complete three qualifying upgrades (including installing a new furnace with an AFUE of 96% or higher) to receive this rebate.

Combo systems will also qualify for this rebate.