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Save More on Ultimate Comfort. Discover even more savings on your Napoleon HVAC system by talking to your Napoleon Dealer about available promotions on qualifying units. Comfort has never been so affordable.

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With Napoleon, comfort has never been so affordable. 

Contact your dealer today to learn how you can save even more on the outstanding comfort of a Napoleon heating and cooling system.

Upgrading your Air Conditioning System, Furnace, Heat Pump or Air Quality System has never been more affordable, because at Napoleon we believe that you shouldn’t have to break the bank to experience the comfort you deserve.

While offers may differ based on your location or the time of year, be sure to ask your Napoleon HVAC dealer about:

  • Special Financing Offers on Qualifying Systems
  • Rebate Offers on Complete Comfort Systems
  • Eco Rebates on Energy Star Rated units
  • Savings Through Local Utility Providers
Saving up

Accessing HVAC Tax Credits

Another way to make your new HVAC system more affordable is to see if you are eligible for an energy tax credit. These credits (and similar rebates, grants, and loan programs) are offered by the government to Canadian homeowners to help offset the cost of upgrading to an energy-efficient HVAC system.

Many of Napoleon's heating and cooling products are eligible for residential energy credits, but these programs can vary considerably based on location or availability; talk to your dealer to understand which Napoleon Air Conditioners, Furnaces or Heat Pumps include these money saving credits prior to making a purchase. Note that you must register or qualify for any government-funded rebate programs prior to replacement; applying after the installation is complete will impact your ability to access these savings.