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Napoleon EQHub
Smart Thermostat

Ultimate control at your finger tips

Built with Smart Technology, the innovative Napoleon EQHub Smart Thermostat is so much more than just a thermostat, it's the brain of Hybrid Heating.

It's simply the most intelligent thermostat in the industry! It will control and easily switch between different fuel sources using custom hybrid heating modes. The smart technology will determine the best time to use your Heat Pump (electricity) or your Gas Furnace (fossil fuel)!

What is Napoleon Home?

Complete control over the operation of your Napoleon product is powered at your fingertips through the innovative Napoleon Home app. With the convenient use of your smart phone, easily adjust features in tune with the environment around you.


Napoleon Home Capabilities

Napoleon Home has been developed to not only recognize our differences but celebrate them. Experience ultimate customization using Napoleon Home based on your unique home comfort, desired heating or cooling mode, and carbon footprint preferences.

  • Control and monitor your heating and cooling systems
  • Choose your heating mode preference: Cost Savings, Comfort, Green or Nighttime
  • Access your fuel usage and savings monthly or daily when in hybrid mode (Ontario only, other provinces coming soon)
Napoleon Home - Wifi Thermostat - Home Screen


Set a schedule for the week so that you can get the right temperature at a certain time.



You can edit the app settings, such as: device name, heat source, temperature unit and geofencing.


Set Point Temperature

Increase/decrease the target temperature.


Hold Mode

Displays the current hold mode. Tap to switch.


Thermostat Mode

Displays the current system mode. Tap to switch.


Fan Mode

Displays the current fan mode. Tap to switch.


Humidity Control

Displays the current humidity level. Tap to adjust target level.


Heating Mode

Displays heating source selection. When hybrid heating is selected, options to select hybrid modes will be displayed.

Wifi Thermostat

Date & Time


Low Battery Indicator


Outdoor Temperature


Indoor Humidity


Fan Mode


Indoor Temperature


System Mode


Hold Mode


Increase Temperature


Set Point Temperature


Decrease Temperature

Take a closer look at the app controls

Napoleon Home - WiFi Thermostat - Home Screen

Outdoor and Indoor Temperature Indicators

Napoleon Home - WiFi Thermostat - Heat Control

Heat Control

Napoleon Home - WiFi Thermostat - Cooling Control

Cool Control

Napoleon Home - WiFi Thermostat - Schedule

Custom Schedules

Napoleon Home - WiFi Thermostat - Add Vacation

Add Vacation Schedules

Napoleon Home - WiFi Thermostat - Vacations

Set a schedule even when you're away!

Napoleon Home - WiFi Thermostat - Device Settings

Device Settings

Napoleon Home - WiFi Thermostat - Energy Usage

Energy Usage & Energy Savings
*Hybrid heating modes only available in Ontario, other provinces coming soon

Napoleon Home - WiFi Thermostat - Geofencing

Geofencing: Customized settings when everyone's away
(Available in iOS Only)


How It Works - Dual Switch Technology

Once the thermostat is set in Hybrid mode and registered through Napoleon, it is ready to save you money!

The incredible dual switch technology will automatically switch to your Heat Pump (using electricity) or to your Gas Furnace (using fossil fuel), depending on the least expensive mode of operation at the time.

The system considers a variety of factors:

  • Gas and electricity prices
  • Time of use
  • Outdoor Air Temperature
  • Efficiency of the Heat Pump vs efficiency of the Gas Furnace
  • Heating requirements of the home

Plus, our Napoleon Home app will calculate the savings for you and keep you updated with a personalized monthly report!

Create the most efficient solution today with Napoleon for savings tomorrow!

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Available for free on Apple App Store and Google Play.

Napoleon Home - Application Requirements

Smart Phone Requirements:

  • iOS 11.0 or later
  • Android 7.0 or later

Required Access Permissions:

  • Bluetooth
  • Camera
  • Photo Gallery
  • Location
  • Storage
  • Phone

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Our Help Center has FAQs to help support you from download to setup and product customization.

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