How to Prevent Mold Buildup in your Home

You likely have unwelcome guests living in your home – pesky molds – and they’re unfortunately more stubborn than the typical teenager and multiply much faster than you can say “ew.”

These microorganisms may be building up their own little paradise in your home, but banishing them is a lot easier than you think. If you’ve been wondering how to prevent mold effectively, we’ve got the know-how. With these simple tricks, you’ll be able to turn your home into the clean and healthy space you deserve.


How Mold Affects your Health

From basements to bathrooms and even beneath your carpet and wallpaper, mold thrives where there is moisture and darkness. The presence of these unwanted guests can negatively impact your health. Direct contact or inhalation of these “mold spores” that travel through the air can trigger allergy-like symptoms such as skin rashes, headaches, eye irritation, sore throat, sneezing, coughing, and a runny/congested nose.


Banish Fungus with these Mold Prevention Tips

Improve Air Flow

One of the biggest causes of mold buildup in homes is the lack of ventilation. Your daily activities like showering, cooking, and even doing the laundry are just a few of the things that could be adding a significant amount of moisture to your space. Opening all your windows on a regular basis will improve airflow and aid in mold prevention in the long run.

Moreover, moving your furniture further away from your walls allows for better ventilation as well.

If you’ve been wondering how to prevent mold the easy way, allowing some sunlight into your home and arranging your furniture strategically are the first few steps to take!


Open the Doors

Nope, we’re not just talking about your front door. We mean your kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, shoe closets, and any enclosed space where fungus could be lodging rent-free. These spots tend to be ideal breeding grounds for microorganisms. Prevent mold (and protect your valuable shoe and clothing collection!) by opening up these doors.




Monitor Humidity Levels

High humidity levels do so much more than just give you a bad hair day — they invite the growth of mold too. It’s easy to tell if the levels aren’t ideal. Just pay close attention to your windows for signs of condensation. Otherwise, you could always purchase a hygrometer to obtain an accurate reading.

The ideal humidity level ranges from 30% to 50%. If your home’s atmosphere doesn’t fall within this bracket, then the solution is simple. All you need to do is switch on the AC more often to get rid of the humid and sticky air.

Ultimately, not all air conditioners are created equal, and some do a much better job at creating the perfect indoor environment. With Napoleon’s NT Series 16 SEER Air Conditioner, you can keep your home cool and mold-free. Its whisper-quiet operation and chlorine-free refrigerant make it the smartest and most eco-friendly choice for your home and the planet.

However, humidity levels aren’t only out of control during summertime. If you live in a place that experiences cold winters, you’ll need an efficient ventilator to get the job done. Napoleon’s NERV75T Heat Recovery Ventilator is your ultimate energy-efficient solution that provides up to 84% heat recovery. Enjoy year-round comfort as this model effectively maintains ideal humidity levels between 30% to 50%. With this ventilator, you’ll be able to bring fresh air into your home without having to open your window in the middle of winter.




Repair Leaks

A leaky roof or ceiling and clogged HVAC units can cause more damage than you think. They’re major culprits behind mold build up as they contribute to excessive moisture in homes. This is why these types of repairs should be taken care of as soon as possible to ensure mold prevention.


Keep Your House Dry

You’d never think that that one time you spilled a beverage on your rug would come back and haunt you in the form of fungus (as if that huge stain wasn’t already enough of a reminder). Failing to completely dry a spot like this within 24 to 48 hours means you’ve just gifted mold with a brand new fluffy home.

Aside from mold prevention after water damage, keeping your bathroom dry is also key to mold prevention. By investing in an exhaust fan, you’ll be able to effectively eliminate moisture from the floor and walls. Switching it on while you shower and for an extra 30 minutes after should do the trick.


Wipe and Disinfect

When it comes to learning how to prevent mold, the impact of regularly cleaning and disinfecting your space shouldn’t be neglected. It’s recommended to vacuum floors and wipe down hard surfaces with soap and water, or a bleach solution of a maximum of one cup of household bleach mixed with one gallon of water. This will help to eliminate mold spores before they have the chance to multiply. Don’t forget that disinfecting your house involves purifying the air too!

With Napoleon’s UV-C Technology, you’ll be able to breathe easy knowing the air within your home is clean and healthy. This superior air filter safely sterilizes airborne contaminants like viruses, bacteria, molds, and other harmful pathogens. As it uses the same chemical-free sterilizing method used in hospitals, you can rest assured you’re completely sanitizing your home the safest way possible. When your space is clean, mold will think twice about settling in.




Clear the Air

With these easy cleaning tricks and Napoleon’s mold-fighting products, you’ll never have to wonder how to prevent mold in your home again. Learn more about our line of indoor air quality products for your home. Start cleaning the air in your home by finding a Napoleon dealer closest to you!

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