Myths and Facts About Your HVAC System

Rumor has it that there is more to your HVAC system than meets the eye. While it's a common fact that HVAC systems keep us cool in the summer and toasty in the winter, there are a few misconceptions that surround these systems.


HVAC Myths vs. Facts

HVAC Filters Should be Replaced Only Once a Year

If you thought that HVAC filters only need to be replaced once per year, we're here to tell you that’s not the case.

The fact of the matter is that air filters play an extremely important role in keeping contaminants out of the air that you breathe in. It doesn't take very much time for these indoor air pollutants to accumulate and clog the HVAC system, negatively impacting the clean airflow in the home.

So, the HVAC fact here is that filters need to be replaced at least every three to six months for a properly functioning HVAC system. If you have pets, smoke, or have multiple people living in your home, you should be replacing the filter more frequently.

In the event that you notice that your HVAC system isn't purifying the air like it used to, it's time to check if it's due for a filter replacement. Keep in mind that this can occur even before the six-month mark, depending on the volume of contaminants that it filters out.


The Bigger the System, The Better for Your Household

It may seem like a bigger HVAC system performs better than a smaller one, but remember that great things come in small packages.

Here's the HVAC fact to debunk this long-running myth: an oversized HVAC system usually produces higher utility bills. This is because a larger system consumes more power due to its constant cycling from on and off. Moreover, oversized air conditioners and heat exchangers have a tendency to find it more difficult to eliminate excess humidity, as the water can fail to condense in the coils.

Consequently, it is always a good idea to consult a professional HVAC technician to determine the appropriate HVAC system for your home.


Only Perform HVAC Maintenance When Your System is Broken

While the saying: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" may ring true for many aspects of your life, it does not apply to HVAC maintenance. In fact, like other systems that keep your home running comfortably, you should not wait for the HVAC to break before you schedule a maintenance check.

Regular maintenance appointments ensure that the system is always operating at an optimal level. On top of that, neglecting routine maintenance can mean that you will have to settle a hefty bill during a repair. Larger costs can be avoided if you commit to small maintenance expenses instead. To give you another analogy, "Prevention is better than a cure."




Keep Your HVAC System Covered in the Winter

This may seem like a smart move, but the truth is that it's actually an unnecessary one. HVAC systems run all-year-round and are specially engineered to withstand harsh climate conditions. This includes high temperatures, rain, and snow. In case of heavy snowfall, place a board over the fan to protect the outdoor central air conditioning unit and keep it running smoothly.

Additionally, trying to protect your outdoor HVAC systems with a cover does the exact opposite of your intentions. This puts them at potential risk of attracting rodents that can cause critical damage to wires and other vital parts of the unit. Keeping the HVAC system confined also promotes moisture buildup that can lead to catastrophic mold.

All of these aspects come right back to costly repair charges. Therefore, even in the winter, let your HVAC system breathe.


The Placement of Your Thermostat Doesn't Matter

This is one of the biggest misconceptions, or perhaps overlooked details, out there. If your thermostat is placed too close to the vents, radiators, windows, or any spot in direct sunlight, it may shut down the system prematurely or keep it running too long, which would increase your energy bills.

Instead, it should be placed in a room that you use frequently, ideally in the center of your home. This simple, but effective tip, will make a world of a difference for the comfort of your family members and keep your costs down!



A Matter of Fact

Now that you have a better idea of HVAC myths over HVAC facts, you can handle your system with even more care than before. Find the right HVAC system for your home when you browse our extensive collection of heating and cooling options!