This Is Why We’re Experts in Grilling – Grilling with Charcoal on a Gas Barbecue

We could wax poetic for a while regarding all of the amazing things you can do using a Napoleon gas barbecue. But, one thing you won’t be expecting is what’s coming next. What if we told you that you can grill a meal on your gas barbecue, using charcoal! How mouthwatering!


Now You're Cooking... with Charcoal

Using the charcoal tray is as easy as lighting your gas barbecue. Remove the grids and sear plates over the burners, add the tray, fill with hardwood lump charcoal, and light the burners. The gas burners will quickly light the charcoal. Replace the cooking grids on your barbecue and wait until the charcoal ashes over. Now you’re grilling with charcoal!

Using the charcoal tray can be amazingly fun and will allow you to get creative with your recipes. Not only can you add the fun and flavor of charcoal to your meals while using a gas barbecue, but imagine doubling or even tripling that flavor by adding wood chips and chunks and creating the delightful smoked flavor like you would only get using a charcoal barbecue or smoker.