High Country™ 3000

Wood Fireplace

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Key Features


Napoleon’s High Country™ 3000 Eco achieves lowest emissions possible while still maintaining its heat. Easily increase the airflow through the unit to aid in starting a fire or when reloading fuel. A digital catalyst temperature monitor allows the operator to ensure their fireplace is always within the optimal temperature range to provide the lowest emissions possible, while the improved air wash system allows glass doors to stay cleaner. Add the luxury of a wood-burning fireplace to your home while remaining eco-conscious.

Key Features

Catalytic Converter
EPA 2020 Certified
Presidents Limited Lifetime warranty
Digital Catalyst Temperature Monitor
Advanced Airwash system
Cast iron bypass door and baffle
Cast iron front doors
Black andirons
Great Whole Home Heater! Got this fireplace in 2021 to supplement my heat in the winter (shoddy rural power). Its done an amazing job! Very pleased.
Meagan Grant - Oro-Medonte, Ontario
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Heat Output (Max.)
Heat Management Options
Viewing Area
Framing Width
Framing Height
Framing Depth
High Country™ 3000
President's Limited Lifetime Warranty*
12.50 x 17 in (31.75 x 43.18 cm)
42.50 in (107.95 cm)
43.38 in (110.17 cm)
29.50 in (74.93 cm)
42 in (106.68 cm)
48 in (121.92 cm)
29.25 in (74.30 cm)
High Country™ 8000
President's Limited Lifetime Warranty*
42 x 28.50 in (106.68 x 72.39 cm)
60 in (152.40 cm)
81.25 in (206.38 cm)
30.56 in (77.63 cm)
59.63 in (151.45 cm)
80.81 in (205.26 cm)
30.31 in (76.99 cm)
High Country™ 5000
President's Limited Lifetime Warranty*
36.67 x 26.67 in (93.14 x 67.74 cm)
42.44 in (107.79 cm)
73.63 in (187.01 cm)
28.81 in (73.18 cm)
41.94 in (106.53 cm)
73.38 in (186.39 cm)
29.75 in (75.57 cm)
High Country™ 6000
President's Limited Lifetime Warranty*
21.38 x 16.38 in (54.31 x 41.61 cm)
50 in (127 cm)
51 in (129.54 cm)
31 in (78.74 cm)
44.94 in (114.14 cm)
50.13 in (127.32 cm)
27.19 in (69.06 cm)

*Please refer to Warranty page for full information.

Minimum framing dimensions. For installation instructions, please refer to your installation manual.

Special Features
Exclusively for our High Country Series

Lighting and refueling a wood-burning fire should be as effortless as it is to enjoy its warmth and security. Napoleon’s ZERO GRAVITY™ Door System ensures that you get to the best part about lighting a fire without delay. Available exclusively on our High Country™ 5000, 7000, and 8000 Series Wood Burning Fireplaces.

Explore Customizations

There may be additional costs, depending on the accessories you choose. Some accessories are not compatible with each other, and some may require additional hardware. Your Napoleon authorized dealer will help to guide you through the process of selecting the right accessories for you.



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