5 Benefits of Buying Farm-to-Table Meat

Sometimes, all that you’re looking for is right in front of you—and really, the same rings true when you’re in search for top-quality food. While imported meat that has traveled long and far is often highly sought after, what many people don’t realize is that there are a ton of unparalleled perks to buying local meat. Keep reading to discover the many benefits of opting for farm-to-table meat.

What is Farm-to-Table Food?

The term “farm-to-table food” has continued to evolve through the years. Originally, this referred to cooks who actually prepared and served food at a table on a farm during events. Often, this would be accompanied by tours of the grounds, showcasing all the methods used for growing, maintaining, and taking care of the animals, fruits, and vegetables.

Today, farm-to-table food pertains to food on the table that comes directly from a specific farm. These are products that do not go through a store, market, or distributor before reaching the consumers. You’ll find that it’s often referred to as “locally sourced” as well.


Benefits of Farm-to-Table Food

1. It's Nutritious and Tastes Great

Farm-to-table meat isn’t mass-produced—ideally, this means that closer attention is paid to its quality. There is a more thorough process for checking the appearance, smell, and taste. While this process is more detailed, it tends to be much faster at a local level. You won’t have to worry about extended lines of production and handling impacting the flavor of the meat. The meat is also fresher and contains fewer preservatives as it doesn't have to travel long distances.

The fact that farm-to-table meat requires less travel and handling helps contribute to its quality. With fewer pit stops involved between the farm and the consumer, there are fewer chances of it being mishandled (e.g. temperature fluctuations, poor sanitary practices) during the delivery process.

2. Local Economy Growth

Buying local meat can do wonders for the economy. When you support local farmers, you help to keep the purchasing power and the dollars within your region. Empowering your community and doing everything you can to help it improve sparks positive change for everyone in it—including yourself. After all, it is the place you call home, and when its economy climbs to the top, you’ll surely reap some incredible benefits as well.

3. Job Security for Local Farmers and Delivery Staff

Another one of the perks of supporting the farm-to-table meat industry is that it contributes to job security for local farmers and delivery staff. It’s one of the best ways to combat local farmer extinction and prevent them from having to travel out of town just to find promising job opportunities. The small action of purchasing their products can go a long way in ensuring that they can remain self-employed in the comfort of their own town.


4. A Reduced Carbon Footprint

When buying local meat becomes part of your day-to-day, you reduce your carbon footprint dramatically. Products don’t have to travel as far just to get to you, and as a result, there’s less fossil fuel consumption and pollution involved in your purchase decisions. If you’ve been thinking about leading a more eco-friendly lifestyle, then this is one of the simplest ways to go about it.

5. Traceability

As people start to become more and more conscious of where their food actually comes from, farm-to-table meat is quickly becoming a solution that gives consumers the peace of mind they seek. When you buy local meat, you’re given the opportunity to build a relationship with a butcher who sources, prepares, cuts, and packages everything that comes into their shop. You’ll learn about the farm, how the animals were raised, what types of feed they were given, curing and aging specifics, and more.

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