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Our outdoor heating options help you appreciate outdoor life in chilly weather.

Cozy up with Stylish Napoleon Outdoor Patio Fire Tables

With Napoleon’s collection of modern and functional outdoor heating options, you can continue to enjoy life outdoors, even as the temperatures dip.

Outdoor Heating Options From Napoleon

Patio fire pits, fire tables, and patio fireplaces offer elegant luxury combined with realistic flames that deliver an authentic, cozy campfire feel to your outdoor space. Forget about the mess and the work of a conventional fire pit, and enjoy the warmth and ease of our outdoor heating solutions. Warm, radiant heat in a durable, weather-proof package!

Explore customization options for your flame table or patio fireplace, including windscreens, vibrant glass media colors, protective covers, burner lids, and more.

The possibilities abound year-round when you add a Napoleon outdoor heating solution to your backyard oasis! Reach out to a Napoleon dealer today to discover and experience the durability, style, and warmth of Napoleon’s Patio Fire Pits and Flame Tables.

Napoleon Patio Fire Pits and Flame Tables FAQs

Napoleon patio fire pits and flame tables are designed to add elegance and warmth to your patio space. Our outdoor heating solutions combine the natural beauty of fire with a high level of craftsmanship to create an inviting atmosphere for entertaining.

Are Napoleon Outdoor Heating Options Compatible with Propane and Natural Gas?

Napoleon’s fire pits and tables are designed with versatility in mind, allowing you to choose between propane and natural gas as your fuel source. You can select the outdoor heating option that best fits your lifestyle, preferences, and the setup of your outdoor space.

Propane tanks are portable, making them ideal for fire tables that you might want to move around your patio or even take with you to another location. This allows for greater flexibility in arranging your outdoor space. Setting up a propane fire pit or table is generally straightforward since it doesn’t require professional installation or connection to a natural gas line. You simply attach the propane tank to your fire table, and you’re ready to go. Propane offers instant heat and a consistent flame, providing immediate warmth and ambiance without the wait. Do keep in mind that propane tanks need to be refilled or replaced once they run out, which can be a hassle if you frequently use your fire table. Keeping an extra tank on hand is often necessary to avoid running out of fuel during use.

Natural gas is generally less expensive than propane, making it a cost-effective option for frequent use. Since it’s supplied through a municipal line, you pay for what you use without the need for refills. With natural gas, there’s no need to worry about running out of fuel or changing tanks. Your fire pit or table is always ready to use, offering uninterrupted enjoyment. Natural gas burns cleaner than propane, producing fewer emissions. This makes it a more environmentally friendly option for those concerned about their carbon footprint. One drawback of setting up a natural gas fire pit or table is the need to install a permanent gas line, which can be expensive and requires professional assistance. This also means your fire table will be fixed in one location. Not all areas have access to natural gas lines, limiting this option to locations where such infrastructure is available.

Do Napoleon’s Fire Pits and Flame Tables Provide Ample Warmth?

Napoleon’s fire pits and flame tables are renowned for their powerful heating capabilities, a feature highlighted by their impressive BTU (British Thermal Unit) ratings. BTUs measure the amount of heat generated, and Napoleon’s offerings are designed to provide ample warmth and light, making any outdoor space cozy and inviting, even on the chilliest of evenings.

Take, for instance, the Nexus Series, which boasts an impressive 53,000 BTUs. For those seeking even more warmth, the Napoleon Linear Patioflame Series steps up with 60,000 BTUs of heating power. Napoleon’s focus on high BTU ratings across our range of fire pits and flame tables ensures that every product not only meets but exceeds expectations for outdoor heating. Whether you’re hosting a large gathering or enjoying a quiet night under the stars, Napoleon’s fire pits and flame tables bring both warmth and elegance to any outdoor setting.

How Does the Ignition System Work?

Napoleon’s fire pits and fire tables are equipped with the “Easy Start” ignition system that operates on battery power. Imagine just hitting a button or twisting a knob, and voila, you’ve got flames dancing on the table. That’s the beauty of our ignition system. No matches, no lighters, and definitely no stress. It’s designed to be straightforward, letting you kick back and enjoy the fire. With our outdoor heating appliance, you won’t have to worry about the wind blowing out your matches or the risk of burns. Plus, it’s reassuring to know you can get a steady flame going safely, even when the weather’s not cooperating.

What Are the Safety Features?

Many of Napoleon’s products are listed under UL (Underwriters Laboratories). For gas-fired appliances like Napoleon’s fire tables, adherence to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is often followed for a variety of products. While specific details can vary across models, the overarching safety elements incorporated into Napoleon’s outdoor heating products highlight the company’s focus on user safety and product reliability. Our certifications are part of why Napoleon stands out in the market, offering products that are not only beautiful and functional but also meet the highest standards for outdoor heating appliances.

Napoleon’s patio fire pits and flame tables are equipped with a thermocouple valve that acts as a flame sensor. This valve automatically shuts off the gas supply if the flames are extinguished. Should the fire pit or table be accidentally knocked over or tilted beyond a safe angle, these valves automatically cut off the gas supply, preventing gas leaks and potential fires.

Some Napoleon fire pits and tables include protective screens that surround the flame. They help prevent sparks and embers from escaping the fire pit, reducing the risk of fires in the surrounding area. They also provide a barrier to avoid accidental contact with the flame, protecting pets and children from burns. Our products are designed to withstand various weather conditions and maintain their structural integrity over time, reducing the risk of damage that could lead to unsafe situations.

How Long Is the Warranty?

Napoleon showcases its dedication to quality and customer satisfaction through comprehensive warranty policies. Depending on the specific product line, our fire pits and flame tables may come with a 3-year or 5-year warranty. This warranty guarantees that your Napoleon product is safeguarded against defects in materials and workmanship, ensuring your outdoor heating experience is both enjoyable and worry-free. You can rest assured that Napoleon is ready to support you with any issue you might encounter.

Whether you’re seeking to enhance your outdoor space with the cozy warmth of a fire pit or the elegant ambiance of a flame table, Napoleon offers a range of products designed to meet every need and exceed expectations. With Napoleon outdoor heating solutions, you can transform any outdoor area into a year-round retreat for relaxation and entertainment.

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