BBQ Accessories for Grilling On-The-Go

Nicer weather means road trips, picnics, and camping. Wherever your adventure may take you next, don’t forget to pack your portable grill and BBQ accessories along for the trip. After all, grilled food makes taking a vacation all the more fun!

While you’re going about your to-do list, we’re going to help you check off some essential boxes with this quick BBQ accessories guide. Just like a burger is enhanced with the addition of grilled onions and homemade aioli, your travel grill will get a serious upgrade when you match them with all the right accessories. Don’t leave the house unprepared, gear up for a successful barbecue on the go with these travel grill accessories.


The King of All Portable Grills

Before we dive right into the wonderful world of BBQ accessories, allow us to introduce you to the king of all portable grills: Napoleon’s TravelQ! The TravelQ series consists of a wide selection of adventure-friendly grills, including:


TravelQ PRO Series

For your heavy-duty outdoor grilling needs, the TravelQ PRO Series grills will be there for you. With this series, you have the option to choose between, the PRO 285X which comes complete with a scissor cart and uses propane, or the more compact tabletop versions which use propane, natural gas, or even electric.

On top of that, you’ll be delighted by the multitude of pleasant surprises that this lavish matte black series has in store for you. As one of the edgiest grills you’ll ever lay eyes on, this unit is beautiful inside and out. It is conveniently equipped with full-sized grilling capabilities that take gourmet recipes to the next level.

Looking to barbecue 17 hamburgers, or roast enough wings to serve the whole family? The TravelQ PRO Series is on it, because it’s more than just a want, it’s a need.




TravelQ Series

The TravelQ Series comes in eight different models. The TravelQ 285 will be your best travel buddy, it may be modest in size, but it sure packs a powerful punch. With 285-sq. in. of cooking surface, you can grill up to 17 hamburgers at a time. The best part is that no setup or prep is required, just add propane and cook away!

Utilize the dual stainless steel burners to get accurate control over the temperature, just like Napoleon's full-sized grills.


BBQ Accessories for Convenient Grilling On-the-Go

TravelQ Cover


No matter the series of TravelQ that you chose to bring on your trip, don’t forget to protect it from the elements when not in use. Made with durable material, you won’t ever have to worry about the fabric of this cover cracking or tearing. Thanks to the improved UV inhibitors, the TravelQ cover offers superior fade resistance for year-round, full weather protection. Rain or shine, your TravelQ portable grill stays safe!


TravelQ 3-Piece Tool Set


With this 3-piece tool set, you can cook premium quality BBQ dishes even on the go. This set includes a grill brush, tongs, and a spatula. All made from top-tier stainless steel, they can weather any extreme outdoor conditions while you unleash your chef skills. Additionally, they come with integrated tool hangers that fit right onto the side shelves of the TravelQ PRO scissor cart.


Santoku Knife


Every camper or beach goer equipped with a portable grill needs to have a santoku knife on hand. This razor-sharp knife was crafted from German steel for exceptional edge retention. With its full-tang blade and dual-riveted design, it promises to deliver consistent performance for effortless and efficient cutting. Whatever type of mincing, chopping, or slicing tasks you may have for your next BBQ masterpiece, this 7-inch Granton edge santoku knife can handle it with ease.


PRO285 TravelQ Stand

When style and comfort meet, you get this TravelQ stand! Specifically built for the TravelQ PRO285, this stand comes with a stainless steel condiment tray, an integrated bottle opener, and a propane storage compartment.

On top of that, you can make the most of the removable side shelves to hold extra towels, your gloves, or tools. Thanks to its quick setup capabilities and lightweight properties, you simply must not hit the road without this PRO TravelQ stand!


Disposable Aluminum Grease Trays

Made for the TravelQ grill series, these disposable trays protect your grill from grease and debris. Trays should be monitored after four to six uses or a heavy-duty grill session, as that would be the ideal time to replace them. Take this five-pack with you on camping trips to ensure safety and cleanliness during your BBQ adventure.


Cast Iron Reversible Griddle


If you want flavor that’s bold, underlined, and italicized, you cannot forgo this reversible cast iron griddle. This BBQ must-have is specially designed to fit the unique shape of the TravelQ portable grill, and it seasons up to perfection. Aside from helping grill burger patties, caramelize onions, and fry bacon, this griddle also gives you the golden opportunity to serve up deliciously hot paninis for lunch or turn your portable BBQ into a breakfast station for pancakes and omelets!

This efficient camping tool features a carry and storage handle and handy holes that drain grease away from the food. Are you ready to make appetizing culinary masterpieces while you’re on the go?


Get Ready to Grill Anywhere!

Grilling on-the-go is so much more fulfilling when you’ve got the best portable grill and BBQ accessories in your arsenal. To get a wider view of all the BBQ accessories you need while on the go, browse our online catalog!