Five Ways To Upgrade Your Grilling Game

Upgrading your grilling game isn’t just about the features of a fantastic grill, like the Napoleon Prestige PRO™ 665. No, upgrading your grilling game is about making your entire outdoor living area a place of comfort, where others gather to enjoy life, friends, family, and of course great food. Upgrading your grilling game is about creating an atmosphere that yourself and others congregate for the sheer joy of it by adding unique touches that are easy to do, but still take things to new heights of awesome. These things don’t necessarily have to be done for important events either. A small thing here and there for just you or your significant other can make even a boring weeknight fell like something special. That is what it means to Upgrade Your Grilling Game™.

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Five Ways To Upgrade Your Grilling Game

1. Include Your Guests While Grilling

Whether you are cooking for a crowd or your significant other, you don’t have to be attached to the grill while everyone else is enjoying themselves. Include others when cooking on your Napoleon. Prepping, plating, even your favorite techniques can be shared while you work your magic on the grill.


2. Eating Al Fresco – After Dark

Sure, your amazing grill lights up to making it easy to grill delicious meals after dark; however, have you considered lighting up the night in the company of others while dining outdoors? A string of lights, a patio heater, or flame table can add to the ambiance, elevating your grilling experience. No matter the time of year, you can keep things going while grilling, by creating an entire nightscape with the addition of outdoor lighting.

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Food isn’t just about the flavor; it embraces all senses; sight, sound, touch, smell, and especially taste.




3. Unique Tablescapes

Unique tablescapes are a great way to enhance the grilling experience. Food isn’t just about the flavor; it embraces all senses; sight, sound, touch, smell, and especially taste. Adding a touch of nature from your environment will up the ante to create something special by incorporating interesting textures and scents. Create divine centerpieces by using whatever is around the garden. Boughs from trees, dishes with flowers, fresh herbs that can also be used in cooking, use what’s around. Consider using logs from felled trees, cut into platters as charger plates.


4. Scents of Smell

Speaking of the senses and adding nature to upgrade your grilling game; the sense of smell is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to enticing others while cooking and eating. Take those homemade wood charger plates you set the table with for instance. If they’re made from a great smoking wood – alder, mesquite, maple, oak – why not use those to plank grill your meal? If they haven’t been completely charred when the food is ready, you can use those log rounds to serve the meal on too. Adding smoke to your barbecued food is a great way to activate the olfactory response. If you have a fruit tree on the property, create wood shavings from a branch and place them into the integrated smoker tube, into the charcoal tray, or into a foil packet. Imagine pear smoked duck breasts, or alder smoked leg of lamb with wood chips that you grabbed off the tree in the yard.

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5. The Joy of Grilling

You can’t upgrade your grilling game without an amazing BBQ, but cooking incredible and creative cuisine doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Upgrade things with collaborative cooking, where everyone brings a couple of ingredients. It will be put to good use - you have a grill that can do anything don’t you? Another way to make barbecuing a little more #extra is to use unique accessories, like the Himalayan Salt Platter which will add a subtle saltiness to your meal while it cooks. Heat it to high searing temperatures for incredible results, or chill it and serve cold foods off of it while the rest of the meal cooks. Whatever you choose to do, make sure that what you are grilling brings yourself and others joy through the scents, sounds, and flavors of the foods you grill.



If you haven’t seen it yet, have a look at our commercial, a humorous spin on upgrading your grilling game. Have you ever tried any of these techniques to add that something special to your backyard event? What do you do that makes using your barbecue that little bit extra. Share your experiences with us through our social channels like Facebook or Instagram using the hashtags #upgradeYourGrillingGame and #napoleonGrill.

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